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How to Check Flash Player is Installed and Enabled in Chrome in JavaScript

Macromedia-Flash-iconIn Google Chrome there is an option to turn of running any browser plugin (like Flash, Java etc) from running automatically. So sometimes we need to check whether Flash player is installed and enabled or not in Chrome. Normally we can check it with below code:


Pros and Cons of Flash Designing and What is New in Flash Designing?

pros-vs-cons The pros of Flash design are easy to see from a human point of view. If a site loads as a whole entity then it’s quick and simple to get around. That said, a browser often thinks that the Flash site is a single page no matter how many levels into the site you’ve gone: so if you hit the back button on your browser when you are several “pages” into a Flash site you end up going back to the site you were at before you loaded the Flash one.


10 Unit Testing Frameworks for Flex/Flash Applications and Libraries

bug-icon Unit test is an important stage for an project. For Java projects, we can use the great unit testing framework such as JUnit, for C++ project, the similar tool CPPUnit also be used popularly. For ActionScript developers, are there similar frameworks for us? That’s sure, here is a collect of unit testing frameworks for Flex and Flash applications and libraries. Enjoy!


68 Small but Useful Open Source ActionScript Libraries(misc) help Flex/Flash Developers Improve Work Efficiency

Folder-Library-icon We prepared a list of Misc Class in pervious article 8 Useful Misc ActionScript Class. There are more and more open source projects floating around all over the place, it’s real beauty for all Flex/Flash developers. Here is a new list open source ActionScript 3 MISC libraries – all of them are small but very useful. Please don’t stint your time to try, these libraries can help you to improve your develop efficiency faster.

Please left you comment to help consummate this list if you feel I missed anything.


27+ The Best Free Flash Gallery Tutorials

gallery-icon What is the best way for creating an image slideshow or gallery? CSS or Flash? Actually each has its own advantages and every developer may have own preference. Flash has a special feel of sleekness, style and professionalism. Flash does have an air of being technically difficult to develop, but with these ten easy to follow Flash Gallery and Slideshow Tutorials. Here we have handpicked some the best free Flash photo galleries tutorials. You can easily create own flash gallery sharing with friend througn website by them. Now let’s start.


30 of the Most Amazing Flash Websites on the Net

30 of the Most Amazing Flash Websites on the Net For those that don’t know, Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video and interactivity to websites. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that these sites are among the most amazing on the net and by far the most fun to use.

Flash does have its downsides – it can be tediously slow to load and choppy if you’re internet connection’s not up to scratch, but when employed correctly in a website, the results can be spectacular. For proof, check out the 30 sites below. Each one is highly original and creative, but some are so ahead of the game that you’ll find yourself drooling over the incredible visuals on show.


15 Free Flash Templates Download Website

Flash-icon Flash Templates are professionally designed sites that can be customized. You will not spend a lot of money (if at all) and get a superb looking website by use of the templates. The free version of a template includes the animation (swf) and a text file to change all text within the template. Here we prepared 15 useful free flash templates with downloadable source file for you who is looking for a good and unique flash templates to create your own flash website. Now let’s start, hope you enjoy them.


11+ Hand-Pick Step By Step Flash Game Development Tutorials

game-animation-flash-tutorial-120X120 Flash is a very flexible tool for building games, most time we can find the flash game AS3 source like Zuma-like Flash Game With AS3 Source Code from internet, for the beginers who want to create his/her own flash game, step by step tutorials is a good choice. There are lots of websites providing free and paid tutorials of flash, here is a collection 11+ handpick step by step flash game development tutorials. Enjoy!