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68 Small but Useful Open Source ActionScript Libraries(misc) help Flex/Flash Developers Improve Work Efficiency

Folder-Library-icon We prepared a list of Misc Class in pervious article 8 Useful Misc ActionScript Class. There are more and more open source projects floating around all over the place, it’s real beauty for all Flex/Flash developers. Here is a new list open source ActionScript 3 MISC libraries – all of them are small but very useful. Please don’t stint your time to try, these libraries can help you to improve your develop efficiency faster.

Please left you comment to help consummate this list if you feel I missed anything.


How To Track Loader Progress in AS3

1-Pictures-icon We introduced three ways to load an image file in Flex in previous article. Normally there are no any problem with loading progress of external files. You can add an event listen(Event.COMPLETE) to monitor if it is complete then do something, but if you also want to do something when any errors were caused on the loading, what should we do? Below is the sample source code on how to track Loader process in AS3:


4 Ways To Preload Images With CSS or JavaScript

File-Adobe-Dreamweaver-CSS-01-icon If you use an image for the background image of an element on a mouseOver or :hover event(for example, navigation menu which images are used), the image will not load until the first :hover event if you only apply that background-image in the CSS for the :hover state. The preloader will help you with this! It’ll load those images when the page loads and stores them in your browsers cache. So avoid delays with rollover effects. In this article, you’ll learn 4 ways to preload images with CSS or javascript technique.


The Evolution of Python Programmers NOT only a Joke

Earth-icon I remembered reading an article similar “Evolution of a C++ Programmer” or “Evolution of a C Programmer” or “The Evolution of a Haskell Programmer” before, I laughed out loud! I think that’s only a joke by some boring guys, at most they can serve a good pedagogical purpose as well as a humorous one. Last year, I lead a team to develop a Java-based tool – all team members are COBOL background and without any java skill.


6 Abnormal & Neurotic “Hello World” Programs Written in C

Abnormal and Neurotic programmer Programmer, smart, genius, abnormal and neurotic… If you know something about programmers, probably you often above words to describe a programmer. If you know a little on programming, you should unmitigatedly  understand all above adjective after you read below 6 “Hello world” programs written in C.

If you can read and understand all of them or even you can write something such as them, congratulation, you are one of the “Abnormal” & “Neurotic” of programmers.


66+ Open Source JavaScript Game Engine for Serious Developers

Guild-Wars-icon Javascript is not only welcomed by the web developer or designers, but also more and more mobile device(Such iPad, iPhone, Android etc) oriented developers, we can easily build many amazing games with HTML(5) + Javascript + CSS. Below is a list of JavaScript Game Engine for serious developers, include general, 3D, Animation, Canvas, Math, Color, Sound, WebGL etc. Hope they will be helpful for your work!


Access All Your Google Analytics Data in Flash/AIR Projects with ActionScript 3 Client Library

google-analytics-logo Google Analytics blog introduced a new ActionScript 3 Client Library, this library provides a simple way to access your Analytics Data from both AIR Applications and Flash Player (though a proxy). The developers an easily integrate Google Analytics into their Flash/AIR projects with this AS3 library.


To Be Continue 36 Wonderful HTML 5 Demos

Adium-Awake-iconIn previous article: 15 HTML5 Demos Perfact Effect No Less Than Flash, we have introduced 15 perfect HTML 5 demos. You may think it’s not enough. Of course, now we have hand-picked another 36 wonderful HTML 5 demos. It may give you more inspiration to create own works. Let’s start now, hope you enjoy them.