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8 iPad Apps For Connecting to Your Office Computer

apple-ipad-officialYour Apple iPad brings with it the ability to access remote computers via VNC or other remote protocols. Equipped with client software, you can use your iPad to control your computers at work and at home. This is important because you can operate all your desktop applications from wherever you are as long as you have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection to the Internet. To help you get started with remote access, you will read here about 8 iPad apps for connecting to your office computer. (more…)

35 Helpful Applications for Your iPad

ipad_keyboard1The iPad is the perfect device to collect our thoughts and organize our notes. Now within the launch of Apple’s iPad along with thousands of apps designed just for the device. Then how to choose some best apps is a big problem. Here we’ve hand-picked 35 inspiring apps for your iPad. Hope it will be helpful to you, not only save your time but also time.


10 Fresh Games For iPhone & iPad (Sep 2010)

fresh-cut-wheatgrass-iconContinue the resource like 10+ Best iPhone Application Development Resources or Tools You Should Know and 10 Best-designed iPhone Games For Kids Attack Your Sense, here is 10 fresh games for both iPhone and iPad which released on Sep 2010. Thanks Apple promised that most the applications we already know and love would work on the iPad too. :)


12 Great Free Apple iPad GUI PSD Templates For Designers

ipad-designThe iPad is an exciting evolution for developers and end users, but there are no any comprehensive pre-built GUI resources for app development in this. It makes match the uniformed style of the iPhone or the iPad to be hard. We have compiled the list of 11 free iPhone 4 GUI PSD templates, below is 12 great free Apple iPad GUI PSD templates for designers. All PSDs was constructed using vectors, so it’s fully editable and scalable. Enjoy!


8 Steps to Install Flash On Your iPad With Frash

flashonipad Although EU may force Apple to adopt Adobe’s Flash — The European Union could enact policy forcing Apple (AAPL) to let web technologies like Flash on its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. However if you are an Apple iPad/iPhone users, it has been possible to jailbreak your device now.  This week we could read many articles about Flash port for iPad which was in works by comex: The Android OS version of Flash has been ported to the iPad and it runs pretty good.


15 Amazing Apple’s iPad Apps You Should Know

ipad One secret to the success of the Apple iPhone is the tremendous number of quality apps available, and now, Apple iPad come. We asked What Will Be Your Primary Use If You Buy an iPad before, one of the answers probably would be it based which apps you could take. Now you can take over 1000 new apps made just for iPad on the Apple App Store, from games to education to productivity. And the developers will create more and more better iPad apps. I tried to create a list of 15 great iPad apps, hope you can enjoy them! :)


140+ Amazing iPad Wallpapers

Apple_black_logo-294x300 We discussed about What Will Be Your Primary Use If You Buy an iPad in previous article.  The fact is on the first sales day, 300,000 iPads sold. That means over 300,000 people have taken  iPads. Wow, maybe you are enjoying iPad now, however you will bore with the same screen(windows wallpaper) too, isn’t it?  Here is a collection of over 140 wallpapers for iPad. All of them come from flickr and Google Images—you can use them free but all rights reserved by their respectful owners. Enjoy! *click images to original size. (more…)

What Will Be Your Primary Use If You Buy an iPad

ipad_highres Apple had a solid start for its first tablet on the first day of sales on last Saturday—sold 300,000 iPads. Slightly better than the 270,000 iPhone units sold on its first day in 2007.  Apple also announced that 1 million apps and more than 250,000 e-books were downloaded for the iPad on Saturday.If you buy an iPad, what will be your primary use?