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Top 10 Games Available on iOS Apple Store

Tv-icon New iOS games are being released all the time; however, we all want to play the very best games that the iTunes marketplace has to offer. Here are our top 10 picks for best games on the iOS Apple store.


Some FAQs About Apple Logs Users Whereabouts

Devices-secure-card-icon iPhone and iPad customers were spooked by a report posted Wednesday on a site called iPhone Tracker. Apple devices appear to be tracking their owners’ locations and storing data about people’s whereabouts without their knowledge for the past year in an unprotected file.

Even though Apple has provided an explanation for this almost a year ago with a 13-page letter (.pdf), although according to a Swedish researcher, Google’s Android software collects data about the movements of users too, it can’t avoid the worry because the data is so easily accessible to anyone and it doesn’t seem to benefit the Apple device customer.

Here we tried to collect some FAQs on this to let you know more easily.


Top 10 iPhone Applications for Graphic Designers

Applications-iconAs you know the design inspiration from the life. The mobile phone is a very important part of your life. Then if use phone to do some design it will achieve maximum results with little effort. Following we have prepared a top 10 useful iphone application list.  If you are a graphic designers you won’t miss them.


50 Inspired iPhone or iPad Application Websites List

Folder-websites-Folder-iconWhat is the most recent trends in web design? Most of you will think of Apple products. Yes, with the growing popularity of mobile browsing, how to design a web suit for mobile phone become a big question for developer. Here we have prepared an inspired iPhone or iPad website list below for your reference. Hope you will get some ideas from them and create yourself unique work. Of course, if you know more please don’t hesitate to share with us.


30+ Really Beautiful Cute Free iPhone Themes

iPhone-Afraid-iconWe collected the 11 Great Free iPhone 4 GUI PSD Templates for designers before, however PSD can’t be used directly by end iPhone users. More than thousands of themes can be found from Internet, normally you also need to spend some time to pick up them. In this article, we collect over 30 really beautiful and cute free iPhone themes, hope it can save your time! 


5 Free iPhone and iPad Apps Developed By Adobe

apple-adobe For most users, snapping photos on your iPhone should be one of the most useful function, then export the photos into PC, probably some of them need a little bit of touching up.

In fact, Adobe has released some useful apps such as Adobe Photoshop Express which lets you use simple gestures to quickly edit and share photos from your mobile device. Here is the collection of free iPhone and iPad apps developed by Adobe.


30 Essential Free MAC Applications Apple Funs Must Know

favorites-iconApple’s products always bring us lots of amazing. It make our life more colorful and interesting. Like the iPhone, iPad is well populared all over the world, the MAC applications are also welcomed by MAC users. Here we have handpicked 30 very useful free MAC applications for you. If you are a MAC funs you will not miss it.


Top 10 Fresh Game For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Top 10 Fresh Game For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mr. Jobs always provides us the fantastic product, please don’t miss any of these amazing apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. We collected 10 fresh game, all of them compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Enjoy!