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Facebook Announces New Email, Messaging System: The Four-decade-old Technology Being Eclipsed by More Real-time Ways of Communicating?

care-fb-thumb-134x134 Facebook leader Mark Zuckerberk announced they have launched a next-generation, online messaging service that wraps together email, SMS and instant messaging in a move that is seen as a way to cut out rivals like Google and Yahoo! on this Monday. Zuckerberg also said the new service will be based on the principal that messaging should be instant, placing it in direct competition with Gmail’s conversation-led email platform.

The new service will be offering an address for people or ) allowing them to use the address for email as well as a bunch of other services.


Another Open Source JavaScript Library — Facebook’s Animation

facebook-platform-logoGoogle and Yahoo,who both have open sourced internal JavaScript libraries.Now,Facebook is following in the steps of the rival web giants.The Animation library is described as a way for developers to create “customizable animations using CSS and DOM manipulation.” It is released under a modified BSD license.