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Microsoft Slings Mud At Google Help Google Chrome More Popular

microsoft-vs-google Internet Explorer product manager Pete LePage, did a stupid thing on this April Fools’s Day 2010, publicly attacked Google Chrome, accusing its arch web rival of compromising user privacy with the browser’s data-gathering address bar and claimed that its Internet Explorer 8 browser offers greater privacy than Google’s Chrome.


Can Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) Compete With Mozilla Firefox?

3924-technology-software-download-internet-explorer-9 While we were discussing Will HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript Really Be Flash And Silverlight Killer, Microsoft launches new version of internet explorer 9 after testing of Beta 8(11/23/09 – the IE9 demo from PDC available), Internet explorer 9 is now available online for free download from IE9 has many advantages features and high speed, Microsoft attempt to combat firefox. Can IE9 do? Let’s see following details first.