Content Marketing: What You Need to Know


Many business owners are turning to the web to help them market their business and there are plenty of good reasons for doing this. Many expert online marketers claim online marketing is less expensive than other types of marketing but also more effective. According to several online studies, people will search for a product or service online before they decide to buy it. What does the average consumer look for when searching for these products or services?



Well, for starters, they want more information about the product. They want to know they’re making a good purchase, what the product is used for and how to upkeep or maintain it. They are really looking for any additional information they can find about the industry, the product or the service, and this is exactly the need that content marketing meets.

While this type of marketing has been around for a long time, just look at the number of real estate magazines sitting around on coffee tables, it has only just recently reached the online world. Current online technologies allow anyone to become a writer or publisher (so long as you have interesting information to share).

All you have to do is write interesting articles about your industry, which can include information, explain how something is done or offer some type of tips and tricks. Remember, the Internet is about sharing knowledge, so, the more you have to share, the more of an expert you become in your industry.


Online content marketing can benefit anyone, because it creates information about your industry and links back to your website, creating what Phorm experts call the Phorm Rapid ORM (); showing all the content that links back to your website. This offers a kind of map for viewers to follow back to your service or product website.

However, this marketing method especially helps businesses that offer intangible products or services, as products like e-books, reports or videos can’t really be tasted, seen in a local magazine or book store, or picked up and held. These are products that can only be sold by being talked about, and the best person to talk about them on the web is you. After all, you are the expert on the matter!

How Does it Work? 

Content marketing is the process of writing and publishing information to blogs, online magazines and informational websites, and offering a link back to your website for readers to click on and get even more information. The key to being successful as a content marketer lies in offering engaging information which people will read, and creating interest in your industry, service or product (a process that isn’t as easy as it appears to be.)


For content marketing to be successful, you need to be consistent, offering information on a regular basis, and ensuring each piece of content links back to your services or product. This creates much of the support connecting people back to your website. Once they create this content rapport with you, and feel you are qualified to offer advice and news about your service or industry, then these readers often become your customers.