Five Free Web Based Applications for Businesses


It’s an understatement to say that technology has changed almost every facet of our lives and the same can be said for business. Currently, more and more companies are increasing their online presence just to keep in the game. There are millions of things to think about in the real world but companies need to read more on ways they can improve the efficacy of their business with SEO, web design, and helpful applications. Below is a list of five applications that are helping companies stay competitive and function smoothly and all of them are totally free.



Like everything else, Google seems to be ruling the waves when in comes to online apps and services. Google Calendar in one such app that many companies are currently employing. It lets you quickly create events for your schedule by typing everything into a box. There are other applications that have similar features but the thing about Google Calendar is it’s easy-to-understand/ user-friendly approach.

Another great freebie is 30 Boxes. It also works as an online calendar but you can add things like weather reports, to-do lists, Facebook, and other features to it. The cool thing about Google Calendar is how easy to use it is but 30 boxes is totally customizable. You can add people; share calendars, and gives summaries of your daily schedule. This app is constantly updating the things you can do with it and has proven a very handy tool.

Google Notebook is the perfect option if you’re trying to organize information on the web. It streamlines the process and lets your organize information and create “notebooks” so you don’t have a bunch of confusing links lumped together. Finding information, with Google Notebook, has been made incredibly easy because it breaks up info by sections and the interface is just as easy to use. This seems to be Google’s approach too much of what it does. By taking a lot of the guesswork out of things, people continue to flock to their services and products.

No business is complete without a good spreadsheet tool and Num Sum is one of the best. It’s at least worth a try and you can either insert formulas manually or use its system to help you out. You can also invite other people to collaborate on a spreadsheet as well as add charts. Check it out and see if it works for you.

As far as email goes, Gmail is a great service. It has a lot of attention and it’s really popular. One of the neatest features is through its use of labels rather than folders to help organize your emails. Hotmail and others ended up being really cluttered and confusing but through Gmail you can interact with other members through chat and easily separate and send out your correspondence. Through its categorization and sub-categorization and many other features, it’s one of the best tools on the web.

Check out some of these options if you want to make your company run smoother while saving. You don’t have to buy expensive programs where there are tools like these out there available to the general public. Many of these apps work just as well for the average person so check it out.