Four level of flex programmer–which are you in?


I have read some articles about the level, features etc. of  programmer. These articles distinct the programmer’s ability. There is difference between the flex developer although they are still a small group in China( but have large growing space,maybe the same of your country). It will be helpful for these programmer on the technique improvement, If they could  difine themself according the following four level correctly.

The first level:Beginner programmer

What is beginner programmer? A man who studied (by self) in one week or one month. It difined by energy put in and study way. This level of programmer began to study flex because of the interesting or the need of project. The feature is could deal with simple applications and clear the develpment process of flex application.  Do interface by using flexbuilder and could write basic AS script. This kind of will not continue study, haven’t read all the official development document completely and haven’t think about the Flex/RIA deeply as well. They won’t have any improment by current state.


The second level:Intermediate programmer

What is intermediate programmer? The man who have studied over three months and at least have taken part in one project. In this level develper have full understanding of flex frame through their system knowledge of documents and practice experience. They could use IDE develop RIA application by MXML/AS skillfully.They completely comprehend program structure, program running flow and the difference between flex application and tranditional web application. This kind of programmer pay attention on the basic, details especially the difference of flex and web and desk. They will be expert since they are good at studying technique and have the potential of software devlepment after some days.

The third level:Advanced programmer

What is advanced programmer? The man who have the continuely experice of Flash/Flex application development in enterprise and as a important role. It is difficult to attach this level, not only need great effort but also the experice of using flex in big company or team. They are familiar with enterprise RIA frame example cairngorm and evaluate all kinds RIA by self. Having clear understanding about function, module, component of new project. For this level flex progammer, it is very easy to difine a common component as they thoroughly familiar with whole flex component even the source code. When write the flex they seldom to use syntax reference even finish the code in notepad. It is a rare group in the world. They are hunted by enterprises at the same time is the target of flex progammers.

The fourth level:Senior programmer

What is senior programmer? The man who have many years RIA development experice(over 10 years) and relative widely software development background. If you are in the flex field you won’t miss their names. Their blog as the treasury for flex programmers, their articles as Bible for them. These great men often appearance on large activities for example 360Flex or Ntt.CC( ^_^ joke ), they are leading fasion in this field. These programmers are the motive power of flex technology improvment and development, whole life target of the flex programmer at the same time are  ours idol. These men like Ted Patric and Disruptive Evangelism in his blog total 11 men( all is in Adobe).

As a common flex programmer which level are you in now?