GoDaddy And No Longer Selling .cn Domain Names In China


As the response to new rules, it seems the US web company godaddy, the world’s largest domain name registration company and, that sell Internet addresses to Web sites, joined Google China boycott, began to stop selling .cn domains in China.



Go Daddy, said the company’s decision was not a reaction to Google but instead reflects its concern about the security of its customers and “the chilling effect” of the new Chinese government requirements.

“We just made a decision that we didn’t want to act as an agent of the Chinese government,”

Christine Jones, executive vice president and general counsel of Go Daddy told lawmakers.

Jones also said the new Chinese policies required every website owner to submit photographs, business information and individually signed forms, as well as their physical address, email address and telephone numbers.


I also tried to register a cn domain in, another domain name registration company, got a response “Notice: Is No Longer Accepting .CN Registrations”. explains why at here.




In December, China began to enforce a new policy that required any registrant of a new .cn domain name to provide a color, head-and-shoulders photograph and other business identification, including a Chinese business registration number and physical, signed registration forms. That data was to be forwarded to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), a quasi-governmental agency. Most domain name registries require only a name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

“China’s policy of opening up remains unchanged,”

Zhong Shan, China’s vice commerce secretary, said through an interpreter.

“We still welcome foreign investment.”