Google May(99.99%) Formal Quit China On April 10 & The Full History of Google in China


Prompted by claims of hacking and a policy of censorship, Google may finally quit China April 10 2010, Google “may announce” on March 22. An unnamed company source told the China Business News on Friday the announcement next week was imminent. However, Google officials declined to confirm or deny reports.

update(2010-03-22): A reporter waiting on front of , but Google China keep mute




“I have received information saying that Google will leave China on April 10, but this information has not at present been confirmed by Google,”

the unnamed agent told the newspaper.

“Accusation that the Chinese government participated in cyber attack, either in an explicit or inexplicit way, is groundless and aims to denigrate China,”

the spokesman said.

“The United States often gossips about other countries’ policies on administering the Internet, but at the same time it takes similar measures to minimize the spread of illegal information,”

“That shows that the United States takes a strict line with other countries, but not with itself.”

the news service wrote in the editorial.

Anyway, it is not only Google’s China problem, but also China’s Google problem. We can NOT say Google is right or China is right, but Google as a company with mantras “Don’t Be Evil”, the time of cast this event is doubt. What we need to do is only document the fact.

The following is the time line( history ) of Google China.


2002 before


Google begins offering a Chinese-language version of But the website, which cannot be accessed about 10 per cent of the time, is slow and unreliable, apparently because of the extensive filtering performed by China’s licensed internet service providers.


September 2, 2002


China blocked the leading search engine Google. It was the first time the government had blocked access to an Internet search engine. The company claims it has stood by its principles and has not subjected itself to Chinese laws and regulations


November 2003


Great $ Firewall $ of $ China began operations, it is a censorship and surveillance project operated by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) division of the government of China. Many sites were blocked by it. is again blocked in China.


Jun 16, 2004


Google acquired a stake in Baidu, then be sold in 2006. Google began to interest the second internet market of world.


Sep 24, 2004


Google filter its search results in Chinese version. Google announced that was caused by some technology reason.


Jan 25, 2006 be launched in January 2006 in the belief that the benefits of increased access to information for people in China and a more open Internet outweighed our discomfort in agreeing to censor some results. At that time, google made clear that:

“we will carefully monitor conditions in China, including new laws and other restrictions on our services. If we determine that we are unable to achieve the objectives outlined we will not hesitate to reconsider our approach to China.”


Feb 15, 2006


Google was denounced by parliament, it also name-checks Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Cisco.


Jan 2007


Google’s search market share in China is only 19%, lower than Baidu(63%).


April 2007


Eric Schmidt, chief executive, gives an upbeat assessment of Google’s outlook in China, saying that that the company is on track to lead the country’s internet market in spite of challenges including censorship issues and fierce competition from, its larger home-grown rival.


September 2007 finally receives a licence from the Chinese government that officially allows it to operate its website in China – more than 18 months after it set up


December 2008


Beijing widens a media campaign against Baidu, China’s biggest internet search engine, to target the entire industry. Companies, including Google, are criticised for running advertisements from non-licensed medical websites. The move threatens to throw the Chinese online ad market into disarray.


Jan 5, 2009


Chinese regulators criticise Google for making pornography available through its search engine.


March 2009


Google launches a free music download service in China. March 24, YouTube was blocked in China.


April 2009


Chinese regulators repeat their criticism of Google over pornographic content.


June 2009


Chinese regulators announce that they are “punishing” Google China for failing to remove pornographic content from its search results. The punishment includes a suspension of its ability to search foreign websites and its associative-word search function – a move that drives Google users away to rival Baidu.


June 24, 2009


No access to, Gmail for hours.


July 2009 gained 30% China market share — the world’s most populous internet market.


August 2009


China Mobile prepares to launch customised smartphones based on Google’s Android operating system, putting the search company head-to-head with Apple in China.


December 2009


Chinese state media again accuse Google of allowing pornographic content in its search results.

A Chinese court agrees to hear a case brought by Mian Mian, a novelist, against Google for scanning her works, posing a fresh challenge to the company’s digital books project.


January 2010


Google says it will end censorship of its search service in China and is prepared to pull out of the market