Here are the top Android apps to create WhatsApp stickers

The usage of stickers will be one of the contemporary methods of conveying your message on social media. You will come across 3 benefits of making use of stickers on WhatsApp  Firstly, it will be possible for you to express your feelings, show your disposition, and also expose your thoughts. Secondly, it will help to make the chat attractive. Lastly, your friends will be able to comprehend what you’d like to say without making use of any word whatsoever. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the top Android apps for creating WhatsApp stickers.

Top Android apps to create WhatsApp stickers

  1. Sticker Maker for WhatsApp

This particular app is simple to use and will allow you to create customized stickers for WhatsApp. You can begin to create your personal options by just tapping on the “Create a new sticker pack” option. You have to select a name for the pack and also include the name of the author as well.

It is possible for one single pack to consist of as many as 30 stickers. You can create a sticker by outlining the portion of the photograph which you would like to convert into a sticker using your finger. After adding a Tray Icon and a minimum of 3 stickers, it will be possible for you to import them to WhatsApp by simply pressing the relevant button.

We can also create stickers in the form of videos with these applications

  1. Personal Stickers

It is a fact that stickers are actually PNG images which do not have any background. Therefore, you will be able to add PNG files manually to WhatsApp for using them as stickers. However, this process will take several steps for completion. You’ll be able to achieve an identical result quickly by using Personal Stickers. This particular app will allow you to import PNG images easily to WhatsApp as sticker packs

You simply need to choose the PNGs which are already on your device that you like to use as stickers or you can use the option named Search for stickers in the app. This is going to open up the Google stickers search automatically for you. You will be able to download the PNG images from there and you can add them easily to WhatsApp from the application.

  1. Sticker Studio

This one is yet another sticker maker app which will enable you to use any portion of the picture as a sticker by cutting it. It will be possible to make as many as 30 stickers in one single sticker pack for WhatsApp. In case you like to have a comprehensive sticker, you may likewise write on them, resize them according to your requirements, and also apply unbelievable filters. Sticker Studio is a sticker maker app which will allow you to use your fingers for selecting the area that you’d like to cut.

  1. Custom sticker maker

You’ll be able to use this app for converting your photographs into stickers without removing the background. However, there is likewise a manual option for you to do so. It is imperative for the packs to have at least 3 stickers before they can be imported into WhatsApp. Nevertheless, the process is quite simple for you to do. You’ll be able to see the stickers in the app by simply tapping the + button.

  1. Wemoji

Wemoji happens to be the subsequent outstanding sticker maker application intended for WhatsApp. This app has got the ability to generate stickers as per your likings. It will be possible to cut the pictures into any particular shape. Wemoji will allow you to include your preferred words, emojis, and other images on the stickers. The app will also enable you to write in your preferred font and style as well.

  1. Stickify

Stickify is an astounding app having an attractive interface which will enable you to download your preferred sticker apps, and you will also be able to create your personal ones. This app will allow you to make rectangle or circle cutouts in the photos; however, there is no need for you to crop them manually. Moreover, the background cannot be removed, and therefore, you have to use other apps for doing that. Nonetheless, Stickify is a simple and fast way for converting your photographs into stickers and importing them to WhatsApp.