myGOYA–A Perfect Flash online Desktop with style


myGOYA is created by MAGIX, a very creative company and is good at Flash development. myGOYA is just one of its Flash based online services.myGOYA Online Desktop is currently in a beta-test phase. Many features are still being developed?myGOYA let us to know that flash based webtop is still the lead of UI area.


Once you registered and login, the desktop is very pretty. All the the tools have very elaborated features and good looking.You can find those common tools such as file manager, notebook, bookmark manager, flickr viewer etc. But I think that any of these web desktops will make much progress,any actions mean a huge change in behavior,however, making a total transition impossible but I won’t use it as daily bases.

Anyway, it’s worth a register, login and having some poking-around.The design is so perfect!