Open@Adobe: Adobe Open Source Community On SourceForge’s New Platform


July 14th, 2010, SourceForge, the leading resource for open source software development and distribution, announced it has launched its new forge development platform. The SourceForge 2.0 beta is ready to roll right now. Open@Adobe, a site aggregating Adobe’s openness programs, which includes source code hosting has been the first instantiation of SourceForge’s new platform.



The new forge offers considerable flexibility, by allowing developers to integrate and use third party tools directly on the platform.

SourceForge Product Director Nate Oostendorp says,

“Once we have stability, feature parity, and a data migration path with the existing tools, the new forge tools will replace the existing developer interface.”

Senior Director of Engineering Dean Henrichsmeyer says,

“This is the next iteration of the SourceForge development tools and platform. We want to give you an early look as we continue to release early and often and build great new tools,”


Adobe Systems Incorporated has created the first instantiation Open@Adobe  on SourceForge’s new platform. Include source code hosting, such as the Adobe(R) Flex framework, and contributions from Adobe to standards organizations, as well as specifications.

Adobe said that they had always followed a open process model, with exposure to bug bases, open discussion forums, roadmaps for products, and early access through Adobe Labs. However, the current repository of them was not meeting the desire to allow projects to evolve in multiple directions simultaneously.

By utilizing SourceForge, Adobe benefits from SourceForge’s new forge platform and large global community, while saving time and resources required to maintain a large repository of code and documentation.


Dave McAllister, director of Open Source and Standards at Adobe says,

“Working with SourceForge gives us the chance to tap the innovative energy of one of the world’s largest open source communities,”

About Adobe Open Source


Adobe is very committed to open source community these years. SWF is open.  FLV is open. AVM is open-sourced.  Flex SDK is open-sourced, Blaze DS is open-sourced. And more and more open technologies/products from Adobe comes on their way.

Adobe works multiple ways to support open source activities. We work directly with contributions to existing projects, like SQLite, and Eclipse. We work indirectly by supporting Adobe products on open source operating distributions, supporting Reader and Flash on Linux distributions. We do pure research on development and make those implementations open source, such as the work with the Adobe Source Libraries. And we are releasing substantial code and products to open source.

About SourceForge


SourceForge is a web-based source code repository. It acts as a centralized location for software developers to control and manage open source software development. The website is operated by Geeknet and runs a version of SourceForge Enterprise Edition, forked from the last open-source version available.

The SourceForge website currently hosts more than 267,000 open source software projects and facilitates nearly three million downloads each day.