11 Powerful Open Source Tweening Engine For ActionScript

Coffee-Cup-icon We can create simple animations easily in ActionScript with the Tween libraries like the AS3 tween engines in Zeh Fernando’s Tweener or Jack Doyle’s TweenLite(Although there are Tween Classes already bundled in Flash Cs3 above). This article provides 11 powerfl open source tweening engine for actionscript. If you know others, don’t forget to share it  via our comments section!

11 Open Source Development Tools(compiler) For Adobe Flash

free-open-source-Open Source Development Tools(compiler) For Adobe Flash Adobe Flash Builder(or Flex Builder) offers many powerful features for enabling intelligent coding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual design of the user interface layout, appearance, and behavior of rich Internet applications (RIAs). But we need pay $699 for Flash Builder 4 Premium Edition or $249 for Flash Builder 4 Standard Edition. In fact, it is almost unnecessary for most beginners or the colony who only want to try. Don’t worry! This article presents 11 free development tools(compilers) which allow you needn’t to buy software from Adobe to create Flash content, and all of them are open source!

Amazing!!! Does Anyone Know The Author of These “Happy Birthday Vector Cards”(Adobe Illustrator Format)

birthday_cake.svg.med Recently, for my personal reasons I need to look for some “Happy Birthday” card templates. Adobe Illustrator Format(*.AI) can easily be converted into any other wishing card. So I asked Google by the keyword “happy birthday vector”, then Google responsed:

10 Great Online Resources For Adobe Flash Development

Tropical-Stone-icon We could find easily the AS3 Source Code like Zuma-like Flash Game from some Flash community. This article presents 10 good online resource sites for Adobe Flash developers. A huge number of open source Actionscript libraries and tutorials can be found there. If you are a Flash experience, you should know most of them( if not, then you are out. only a joke :) ).  Great resource are missing? Don’t forget to share it with the rest of us via our comments section!

40+ Beautiful Themes/Skins For Adobe Flex Apps

Theme-Settings-icon In previous article we step by step introduced how to use Flex Builder 3 and Flash CS3 to build your skin in Flex(more tutorials here). As we all know, style your Flex/Flash Apps with CSS is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start making your apps look a bit more “custom”, Flash or other tools + Flex(Graphical Skinning) can allow us for more control over the look of the UI. Here is 40+ beautiful themes & skins for Adobe Flex Apps with CSS, graphical, programmatic, customize fonts and icons etc. We can not only learn the “creativeness” from this skins, but also “how to” do it! Hope you can enjoy!

50+ Free Hand-picked Creative and Amazing iPhone Icon Sets

rh_iphone_upright_2Although Steve Jobs isn’t a “lovely” guy for most people(specially for some Flash developers, :) ).  But we can’t deny that the iPhone is the best mobile device for combining excellent design and cutting-edge user-focused technologies. In the other hand, iPhone fans out there are richer with creative and amazing, we can find tons of themes, wallpapers, and icons for the iPhone. Today we would like to present 50+ incredible hand-picked icon sets which you can use for your web designs, your desktop and your iPhone Apps.

Video Encoding Cookbook and Profile Guidelines for the Adobe® Flash Platform

flash_logoWe can read many articles on Apple and Adobe debate.There are lots of posts talking about open standards and making statements on how H.264 or HTML5 is going to kill off Flash. But in fact, H.264 Is a Codec, HTML5 is a language and Flash Is a Platform: One Can’t Kill Off the Other.

Secure Your Adobe Flash/AIR Application Against Unlicensed Use With Zarqon Cloud-based License Control System

cloud-computing For Adobe Flash or AIR developers, put your valuable time into developing an application for the purpose of supplementing your income should be easy for the popular of Flash technology. In previous article we discussed about How To Protect Your Flash Source Code & Resource, in fact, How can I make sure that I don’t just sell one license and then everyone else gets it from a ‘warez’ site?  is a question they must mind.