Adobe Flash CS5 Easter Egg

easter_egg_284x271 Easter Egg is a hidden feature or novelty that the programmers have put in their software. For the reasons like As a Signature, As an inside Joke, Vanity, Tribue or To Add Something Personal. Adobe released CS5 suite on April, 2010.For Flash CS5 users, you can find the Easter Egg in Flash CS5 after you launch the “Help > About Flash” then click the the rectangular area on below screenshot.

Zuma-like Flash Game With AS3 Source Code

flash-game-zuma What is Zuma? Zuma is a fast-paced puzzle game developed by PopCap Games. It can be played for free online at several Web sites like MSN Games, Zuma on Yahoo!  etc, and also available for a number of platforms, including PDAs, mobile phones, Smart-phone, Xbox, Mac and the iPod. Zuma is one of the best-selling casual games of a very long time. It has been a brand, we can find over 10 clones in the casual game market called zuma-like games. As a Flash developer, did you think build a zuma-like flash game for yourself?

Flash Decompiler VS. Flash Encryption: How To Protect Your Flash Source Code & Resource

encryption-shield-57903 Because SWF is an open format, if someone wants to peek at your scripting and extract your resources, they can easily do so. It’s very interesting that on the header and sidebar of, you can find two our sponsor banners: ActionScript Obfuscator and Flash Decompiler, the first one which can encrypt your swf files, stop Flash decompiler and protect your ActionScript. The second one which can decompile the flash file: convert SWF to FLA.

60+ Useful CSS Resources You Should BookMark

folder-customer-iconIn the previous articles 10 CSS Essential Skills Save Your Time and 10 Useful CSS Skills Maybe You Don’t Know, even HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript To Be Flash And Silverlight Killer will be probably. In fact, the following is some CSS related resources be bookmarked in my browsers. Hope you will enjoy them too. :)  

Flash Key Control Codes Define Class

HP-Keyboard-iconSometimes we need to know or use the Flash key codes in our applications. In AIR runtime, you can find the Keyboard class, which is used to build an interface that can be controlled by a user with a standard keyboard,  the keys which most commonly used to control games are constants represented. And they are only available in the AIR runtime. Following is a key control codes class in Flash, you can simply customize it to cater for your application.

Jinni’s “Thoughts on Flash”—Strongly Recommend To Read

apple_flash Apple CEO pens 6 points blazing assault on Adobe Flash before,Jinni, a staff of Adobe China, borrowed Steve Job’s title to retort Job’s 6 points. Jinni alluded Adobe is the one talks about realities and actions, but Apple is the one just talks. Steve pens his 6 points from Apple’s standpoint, Jinni retort it from Adobe’s, as I can’t say which one is better between Flash and HTML5, I think I can’t say whose points are right . But I think YOU can, yes, YOU. :)

Read QR Code With QRCodeReader Open-Source AS3 Library

Barcode-icon QR(Quick Response) is a matrix code created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. QR code can store addresses and URLs be appeared in magazines, on signs, business cards and other that users might need information. Users with a camera phone equipped with the reader application can recognize QR code from image, and decode it to string quickly. For people who want to use QR Codes within the Flash environment, QRCodeReader should be a good solution, it is essentially an open source library in ActionScript 3 that recognizes and decodes any QR Code from any image source. with this library, you can easily integrate your own QR reader into your AS3 mobile application.

Apple CEO Pens 6 Points Blazing Assault On Adobe Flash

steve-jobs-apple-adobe-flash The Apple-Adobe war turning fierce, two weeks ago, a ITWorld writer cited unnamed sources to claim that Adobe has plans in place to sue Apple. Apple CEO Steve Jobs Responds Adobe now, Jobs has published an essay titled “Thoughts on Flash” on the company’s website, lashing out against Adobe and its “100% proprietary” products.