100 Useful HTML Resource Links Web Developers Should Know

Favorite-iconWe introduced The New Features(Tag) In HTML 5 in before article. Yes, HTML 5 is ready and many big name web 2.0 like Facebook, YouTuBe go HTML 5. We can’t say HTML5 will be the killer of Adobe Flash and MS Silverlight,  however, as the cornerstone of internet world, HTML is important because without it, there is nothing to build upon when it comes to skills. The following is nearly 100 useful HTML resource links include specifications, tutorials, FAQ, validators and editors etc. If you are a web developer, I think you should bookmark this post to your favorite, :)

The Fresh Book on Flex 4 By Chet Haase Has Been Published

flex4funCover240x185Chet Haase, a senior computer scientist on the Flex SDK team at Adobe Systems, Inc, has published his new book on Flex 4 called “Flex 4 Fun”. Ntt.cc tried to published the book Design Patterns in ActionScript before too, though it is FREE, but got many bad reviews even obloquies. So I knew that write a book, especially a high quality book is NOT a light work. Thanks, Chet Haase! :)

Tips: How To Customize Right-click Menu In ActionScript 3

apple-menu-icon Somebody who read Replace the Flex’s Default Right Click Menu asked how to do the same with Flash AS3. In fact, AS3 provides the class named ContextMenu to controls the menu, and classes that handle the ContextMenuItem properties and ContextMenuEvent events.

Top 10 Creative And Cool Flash Preloaders

folder-customer-iconThough Apple adamant about not supporting Flash on the iPad and iPhone, though many of them still complain that Flash web pages are slow as a snail, Flash websites more and more get popular among internet world. We introduced some Flash Menu Buttons, Vertical Flash Navigation Menus and Horizontal Flash Navigation Menus in previous articles. Another important aid element is preloader.

8 Very Useful CSS3 Generators Help Lazybones To Write Clean Code

css-icon We introduced 10 Useful CSS Skills Maybe You Don’t Know and 10 CSS Essential Skills Save Your Time, write CSS manually is not tough if you know the properties. However, if you are lazy people, then there are lots of CSS code generators available. CSS3 become more and more popular with lots of new porperties, the following are 8 web apps that generates a semantic css3 code.

Adobe Confirm Flash Player 10.1 Still On Schedule

adobe_flash_logo_icrontic_v12Adobe Flash Player 10.1 release candidate 2 now available for PCs and netbooks, and there are a ton of good news like Flash is coming to Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, WebOS and Windows Mobile. Perhaps you also heard rumors that Adobe’s Flash 10.1 release was being delayed until 2H10.

How To Get DataGrid Column And Row From Coordinate (x,y) In Flex

youre-kidding-right-iconWe have introduced how to set background color for the headers of DataGrid in Flex, sometimes, we also need to get the row and column value in DataGrid, do you know how to do it? The following is a simple tip for this. Hope you can enjoy!

Gmail Rolled Out Drag-and-Drop File Attachments Features

google-gmail Google and their develop team always like to give us a surprise! Yes, Gmail has rolled out Drag-and-Drop file attachments features. It is a very simple feature but surely very useful. Now this new feature be support on Firefox 3.6 and Google Chrome users. Google said it will “enable this for other browsers as soon as they support this feature.