Flex SDK Omit Trace Bug And Solutions

Hospital-Red-icon We knew there was a compiler bug in Flash Builder 4 in previous article Flash Builder 4 Compiler Bug ( FB 4.0 build 272416 ) And Solutions and listed all compiler options of mxmlc, we have known how to avoid that issue, but it isn’t the end, oppositely only a begin. :)

Why Adobe Flash “Be Married To” Google Chorme

adobe_flash_logoIn previous article Some “Bad News” Recently For Adobe Flash & What Is The Really Wish For Apple we can know that,Google demonstrated a version of its YouTube website delivering video using HTML 5’s native support for publishing H.264 video without Flash, it seems Google teamed with Apple and Mozilla, became a member of Adobe Flash boycott.

Is Google Chrome The safest Browser For Surfing?

google_chrome One way for that nasty cyber-stuff like viruses and malware to infect our PC is through the browser. So more protection and better performance web browser be needed along with people spend more and more time in the web surfing. Recently we can read many “news”  or blogs praise Google Chome, because Chrome was to only browser to survive recent the Pwn2Own security testing contest.

How To Open Word Doc In Flex or ActionScript

MS-Word-2-icon Create a PDF template with Adobe Livecycle Designer with the relevant fields, send XML data to PDF remote object with the name of the XML nodes matching those of the fields in the PDF template, then your Flex applications can open PDF, or simply put the PDF file on your webserver and call it with the url, then the same thing can be done. But how to open word doc in a Flex application?

17+ Flash Vertical Navigation Menus

System-Taskbar-Start-Menu-icon Simple buttons or navigation bars are to be included in a standard html web page and flash based web site, because with their ability to include animations and sounds, a Flash button can be a great addition to a site. We have taken some creativity and imagination from previous 20+ Useful Flash Menu Buttons(Full Source Code), hope the following flash navigation collection can help you more although part of them are old. :)

GoDaddy And Name.com No Longer Selling .cn Domain Names In China

GoDaddy-Will-No-Longer-Sell-cn-Chinese-Domain-Names-2 As the response to new rules, it seems the US web company godaddy, the world’s largest domain name registration company and name.com, that sell Internet addresses to Web sites, joined Google China boycott, began to stop selling .cn domains in China.

20+ Useful Flash Menu Buttons(Full Source Code)

Bahrain-icon Create a button( ex. a button that points to an URL ) in Adobe Flash is simple but which type button should be used probably will be a problem. Or you can coding, but have no originality creativity. The following is 20 beautiful and different type flash buttons with source code. Enjoy! *You can download and use them, but copyright belongs their respective owners.

Flash Builder 4 Compiler Bug ( FB 4.0 build 272416 ) And Solutions

ladybug-icon Many flex developers probably still be addicted to the news of the final version of Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder available, or having a argument of What Do You Think “Flex Builder Standard costs $249” And “Coldfusion Builder+FB $299”? ( me? :) ). However the real proficient are working to find the bugs of compiler.