How to Format text in ComboBox and Set the Row Height in ActionScript

Xcode-icon-256 ComboBox is one of the most frequently used component. When I added it into a flash movie via actionscript, I found I can control the format of the text displayed within the box it self, but the textFormat has no effect on the text in the comboBox. Here is what I do.

25 Useful Tutorials Show How to Convert PSD to HTML & CSS Step by Step

lovely-catalog-icon-128 Now you have mastered the photoshop technique and designed a perfect PSD Files. Maybe you have a little trouble on how to convert you designs to high quality, cross-browser compatible valid XHTML/ CSS. PSD to HTML conversion is an important skill that has been growing in popularity over these years. Here we have listed 25 very detail tutorials teach you how to create a great nice looking site.

Tips: How To Exactly Resize The Window by Using resizeTo() or resizeBy() methods

Window-icon-256 We can resize the browser window by using the methods window.resizeTo( newWidth, newHeight) or window.resizeBy( DX, DY). But if you are an experienced web development, you probably know the function resizeTo() can not be always so exactly resize the window. Especially unkown the size of contents before loading in different browse.

50+ Amazing Christmas PNG Sharing With You

santa-2-128x128 In previous article 20 High Quality Free WordPress Theme For Christmas, we have introduced some christmas wordpress theme, you can use them to update your blog skin. But we think you also will need some Christmas PNG files to make your blog or website more attractive. Following we have collect 50+ PNG files for your reference.

20 High Quality Free WordPress Theme For Christmas

xmas-tree-128x128 Hello everyone, Christmas is coming. As the holiday is near, it’s time to get into the true Christmas spirit, then maybe you need update you wordpress-blog shin with a new Christmas theme. Yeah it will be more suitable with the happy holiday. Now we collected 20 very high quality WordPress themes for your reference. They are all free, hope you enjoy them all. Let’s start now. 

9 Very Useful Animation Library/Engine For AS3

Summer-movies-256x256 In previous article 9 Excellent 3D Engine For Flash/Flex/AS we have introduced some excellent 3D Engines. But we think you must need much more. Some very small lightweight, flexible animation Library will help you save effor in development work. You can handle animation or other time functionality with code by using of them in a smart way. Now let’s start.

15 Very Useful Hand-Picked AJAX Tutorial

Chat-256x256 Ajax is a technique for handling external data through JavaScript asynchronously, without reloading the entire page. Maybe you have heard about Ajax before, or at least used an Ajax-based application for example Gmail. The use of Ajax techniques has led to an increase in interactive or dynamic interfaces on web pages. Ajax is not a technology in itself, but a group of technologies as DHTML and LAMP. Then we have collect 15 very useful toturials which hope can help you understand it quickly. Now let’s start.

9 Excellent 3D Engine For Flash/Flex/AS

glossy-3d-blue-orbs2-036-256x256 In previous article the list of Open Source realtime 3D engine for Flash, we have metioned some 3D Flash Engine. But it seems not enough. With the 3D technology be more and more popular in the game development, find a efficent 3D engine for Flex and Flash seems more and more important. It not only save you development time but also will improve the design quality. Now following we have listed the more perfect 3D Engines for your reference. Hope you will enjoy them.