Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Override&Overload

Admistrative-256x256 In the discussion of set and get accessor methods, I said, I left one advantage of using the set and get accessor methods to this post. Of course, I’ll show you. But, I won’t show you the answer directly. You know, show you the answer directly won’t impress you, so, let’s see some code first, :)

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – super, this, setter/getter

Connect-256x256 In the last part of Constructor(@see Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Constructor), we do a simple experiment. And the experiment shows that the constructor of the superclass will also be inherited to the subclass. If you don’t call the superclass’s constructor in the subclass’s constructor, then the compile will add some code to the subclass’s constructor automatically.

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Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Constructor

Help-and-support-256x256 When we introduce the basic OOP concepts, we use an example to illustrate the OOP-style code(@see Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Introduction to OOP). Inside the example, we use the new operator. Did you still remember the function of “new” operator?

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Attributes 2

Help-File-256x256 If you don’t use the keyword “private” to modify the properties, then you can use the properties in the subclass in most cases. That’s the conclusion we ade in last section. Now, we’re going to talk about the exception situation.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Attributes 1

Blue-04-256x256 From previou post Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Inheritance, we have know that a key advantage of inheritance is that it allows you to reuse code from a base class yet leave the existing code unmodified. For example, you can build a new subclass Cook to extend from the class Person, and then the class Cook can have the method “haveBreakfast” automatically.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Inheritance

Msn-256x256 Now, we have a basic conception about the class. We know class defines the abstract characteristics of a thing (object), including the thing’s characteristics (its properties) and the thing’s behaviors (the methods or operations).

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