A Collection of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Wallpapers in Various Sizes and Icons

Lightroom-256x256 Adobe® Creative Suite® Design software is the ultimate toolkit for designer. There are Design Premium, Design Standard, Web Premium, Web Standard, Product Premium and Master Collection six various versions.The combination of creative tools you master, the design disciplines you explore, and the richness and scope of content you create.We have introduced the icons of adobe family on 60 lovely Adobe Family Icon, the following is a collection of Adobe Create Suite 3 wallpapers in verious sizes and icons. Hope you will like them. :)

Top 7 Adobe AIR Apps for Videos you should know

Smurf-House-Smurfette-128x128 We have introduced over 25 Adobe AIR&Flex applications for images on 25+ Very Cool Adobe AIR/Flex Applications for Images & Photos. All of them are very useful! But AIR apps can also be used for video enthusiasts. Take a look through the 20+ apps we’ve gathered for you, and you are sure to find something useful.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Class 2

Coins-128x128 In part 1 of class section(Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Class 1), we have got some basic ideas about the package and the class attributes. So, we can write the skeleton of the Author class.The code is as below.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Class 1

Dolphin-256x256 In the last section, we use some code to show the OOP style code. But the code can’t run. In this section, we’ll try to make it run.

Type the example code into your flash authoring tools, and then test it. If you’re using flash cs3, you will get the following result.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Introduction to OOP

wallet-64x64 When you looking at some resources introducing the ActionScript 3.0, it may say that, “ActionScript 3.0 is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language”. The key word “object-oriented programming (OOP)” is the topic of this article eh, and the following articlesJ.

The resource/tutroials of Flash Builder 4、Flex 4 SDK and Flash Catalyst

briefcase-64x64 Since the download available for Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst from Adobe Labs site, there were quite a lot of tutorials, how-to’s and reviews all over the web from Adobe’s Platform Evangelists and a few other prominent developers.

Flash Builder 4 delivers a long list of new features, plus improvements to many existing features. Adobe has compiled a very useful set of videos about the new feature of Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst.  The following is a list of the resource and tutorials of Flash Builder 4、Flex 4 SDK adm Flash Catalyst.If you know more please don’t hesitate to let me know. Note: listed in no particular order.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Summary of Functions

Sneak-Peek-128x128 Function, is a very important concept inside the ActionScript. And we talk a lot about the function in ActionScript 3.0. Let’s review them together now.

At first, we use an example to show you how the functions help you get rid of the redundancy of your code, and make your code easier to maintain.

And then, we discuss what the function is.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Nested Functions

HWcar-5-128x128 For functions, you’ve already know much, today, it’s the last one I want to talk under the function, the nested functions.

Nested functions: ActionScript supports nested function. You can nest functions, which means that functions can be declared within other functions. A nested function is available only within its parent function unless a reference to the function is passed to external code.