Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Scope

1-Normal-Home-256x256 When we discussed the variables, I said I want to put the scope topic with the function. Because I think the variables’ scope have much to do with the functions.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – More About Parameters

a-team-van-256x256 Besides the default parameters, there are still some thing you need to know about the parameters in ActionScript 3.0, the Arguments object and the …(rest) parameter.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Default Parameter Values

soft-drink-256x256 After the talking about how to define the functions, and calling them, we are going to talk about the parameters. And today’s topic is about the default parameter values.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Parameter Passing

mouse-48x48 OK, after some talking about the parameters, let’s go a little deeper with the parameters. This section is about the mechanism of passing the parameters.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Calling Functions

2005-toy-driade-256x256 Question piled upon a question. After we know how to define the functions, we need to know how to use it.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Function Expressions

Lenin-256x256 In the previous section, we talk about how to declare a function by using the function statements. Today, I’ll show you another way to declare the functions.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Define Functions

line-chart-256x256 Continue with the previous section. After we know what function is, maybe we need to know another thing when we calling the functions, the program flow.

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Function First Sight

randall-256x256 In last section, we use the printScore() stands for a block of code, in order to get rid of the redundancy and make the code more easier to maintain.