5 Best High Quality Icons Search Engine Websites For Web Designers and Developers

Search-Images-icon Icons are one of the most important element for a website. We have collected some icon sets such as 480+ free and fresh icon sets help you to create your beautiful skins and themes in Flex, 15 Sets of Free Social Bookmarking Icons and 350+ Fresh And Elegant Free Icons For Android etc. But probably it’s difficult to find out the high quality icons which categories you want to. Here is 5 best high quality icons search engine websites for web designers and developers. Enjoy!

50+ Very Useful Javascript Effects for Web Developers

File-Adobe-Dreamweaver-JavaScript-iconHere we have prepared a long list for Javascript effects. It include effects like photo gallery, social network, making graphical plots, creating tool tips and so on. If you are a web developers, you will not miss this list. You may get some inspiration from them. Now let’s start.

50 Inspired iPhone or iPad Application Websites List

Folder-websites-Folder-iconWhat is the most recent trends in web design? Most of you will think of Apple products. Yes, with the growing popularity of mobile browsing, how to design a web suit for mobile phone become a big question for developer. Here we have prepared an inspired iPhone or iPad website list below for your reference. Hope you will get some ideas from them and create yourself unique work. Of course, if you know more please don’t hesitate to share with us.

50+ High-Quality Web UI Design Photoshop Tutorials Web Designers Have to Investigate

photoshop-old-school-icon Have you been dreaming of designing the website look and feel unique and great?  Do you want to improve your interface design skills? In this article, we provide you more than 50 very high quality web UI design photoshop tutorials which web designers have to investigate. You can build up your skills no matter you are a starter or expertise, enjoy!

10 Unit Testing Frameworks for Flex/Flash Applications and Libraries

bug-icon Unit test is an important stage for an project. For Java projects, we can use the great unit testing framework such as JUnit, for C++ project, the similar tool CPPUnit also be used popularly. For ActionScript developers, are there similar frameworks for us? That’s sure, here is a collect of unit testing frameworks for Flex and Flash applications and libraries. Enjoy!

68 Small but Useful Open Source ActionScript Libraries(misc) help Flex/Flash Developers Improve Work Efficiency

Folder-Library-icon We prepared a list of Misc Class in pervious article 8 Useful Misc ActionScript Class. There are more and more open source projects floating around all over the place, it’s real beauty for all Flex/Flash developers. Here is a new list open source ActionScript 3 MISC libraries – all of them are small but very useful. Please don’t stint your time to try, these libraries can help you to improve your develop efficiency faster.

Please left you comment to help consummate this list if you feel I missed anything.

40+ Best Free and Premium WordPress Portfolio & Photography Themes For Photographers

photo-icon If you’re a photographer or artist, or you want to show some of your great work with a fully functional online photo gallery, and you also want to use wordpress to run your site, here is over 40 beautiful wordpress portfolio & photography themes for photographers, these themes are all very professional, which can save your time to your photography.

You get what you pay for–most of them are premium, but if you just a photo blogger, you can find some premium style free portfolio themes too. Enjoy!

Media Temple VS. HostGator VS. KnownHost VPS: So Bad Experience of MT & HG

network-server-icon Choosing the best web hosting service is one of the most crucial decisions for most of bloggers. With a poor web hosting service provider it can be a nightmare, I was using Hostgator Shared Hosting Package since 2008, however, my nightmare began on Jan 12, 2011, so I purchased Hostgator VPS Level 2 & Level 3, Media Temple VPS(Dedicated-Virtual Server), Unfortunately, the nightmare couldn’t be stopped until I’m using Knownhost VPS(VS2). So it’s not a tutorial on how to choose the best VPS provider, I only want to record and share my experience which will help you get started…