Design Patterns in ActionScript-Singleton

Single-Seater-Djinn-Chair-128x128 In our real world, many things are one and only. For example, there is only one god in our world, and only one president in the USA, eh, I mean the current president. One and only is very important to our world, and so does to our program.

Design Patterns in Action Script-Bridge

Bridge-256x256 I think many of you are the fans of Diablo. I’m one of you :) In Diablo series, you can choose different characters to begin your Diablo journey. As a programmer, maybe you’ll write a base class, named Character. Suppose there are only two characters, named FatCharacter and ThinCharacter.

And we will define some common operations in the base class Character, define special skills in the derived classes.

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Design Patterns in ActionScript–Facade

Hardware-My-Computer-2-256x256 Have you ever heard Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center, @see )? This research center has many great innovations. GUI (Graphical User Interface) is one of them.

as3corelib Tutorial:How to Use JPEGEncoder and PNGEncoder Class in Flex

orbz-nature-256x256The most popular image codecs on the internet are JPEG, PNG and GIF. However, GIF( is another stuff I will show you in another article. Here shows a BMPEncoder as well for a comparison to JPEGEncoder and PNGEncoder, and maybe you will find it’s useful in case.

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as3corelib Tutorial:An Adobe AIR class that provides a log target for the Flex logging framework

log-128x128 Part of the newest corelib 0.92.1, an Adobe AIR only class that provides a log target for the Flex logging framework, that logs files to a file on the user’s system.I think it’s useful when you want to write the logs into a specified file instead of the default one.

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as3corelib Tutorial:How to Use MD5Stream Class in Flex

golf-128x128 This class performs MD5 hash of an input stream in chunks. It is based on com.adobe.crypto.MD5 and can process data in chunks. Both block creation and hash computation are done together for whatever input is available so that the memory overhead at a time is always fixed. Memory usage is governed by two parameters: one is the amount of data passed in to update() and the other is memoryBlockSize. The latter comes into play only when the memory window exceeds the pre allocated memory window of flash player. Usage: create an instance, call update(data) repeatedly for all chunks and finally complete() which will return the md5 hash..

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Vista Web Photo Gallery– A Very Useful Photo Album Builder Based On Ajax

Man-Brown-256x256 With the mutural of WordPress, Drupal, more and more people could create their own homepage or blog to record and share their life with others easily. Of course the photo album is also the important part of it. By use of Flex we could create very cool photo album but not everyone is programmer, even if the programmer is not exactly the flex programmer… In previouse article 21+ beautiful Javascript and Ajax based solutions to our gallery requirements, we have selected 21 JavaScript/Ajax gallery but most of them are solutions not applictaions. In other words most of them is oriented to the developer or at least the people who have program ability. We could add gallery function in our own website through making small modification of it.

Insert Text at specified position of TextInput, TextArea and TextField, etc. in Flex

Editor-128x128 Someone asked me how to insert text into input components such as TextInput and TextArea at a specified position programmatically.

Solution Summery:TextInput and TextArea are warped for the TextField interactive object contained in the package flash.text. TextField class provides the function replaceText() to help us to complete the insertion.

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