Some Useful WordPress Plugins for Google Adsense

globe-sextant-48x48 Google Adsense has become the most popular online contextual advertising program and proper custom integration with WordPress can help to increase Adsense earnings.Adding adsense is pretty easy,but if you are a lazy…The plugins listed bleow can help you work smarter.

Adobe Flash Media Development Server 3 has been available download

Flash-Player-8-48x48 I noticed that Adobe Flash Media Development Server 3 has been available download.You can download it from here.Flash Media Server 3 (FMS3) offers the unique combination of traditional streaming media capabilities and a flexible development environment for creating and delivering innovative, interactive media applications to the broadest possible audience.

communicate between Flex and JavaScript or VBScript

Adobe-Flash-CS3-48x48 Using Macromedia’s Flash / JavaScript Integration kit we can call JavaScript functions from Flash, and ActionScript functions from JavaScript.They’ve taken it to the next level with a new Flex /JavaScript bridge.In another way,you can call Flex methods from your enclosing wrapper by using the ExternalInterface API.

building your google search Application with Actionscript and php script

CS2-Premium-48x48 If you are a visual programmer working in environments like Visual Basic, Delphi, REAL basic, or PowerBuilder, you may hesitate to take advantage of the benefits of Flash.

use the wordpress plugin Stat Traq to measure our blog traffic and statistics

statistics-48x48 At the article–Real Ranks for Real Blogs I had introduced how to use IZEARanks get real traffic.People would brag about their visitor counts, even though many knew that this was a statistic easily faked and not really an accurate report of their web traffic.We now have traffic that comes from feeds,which also changes how our audience numbers are counted.Web2.0/AJAX is totally changing the way we view our blog statistics since content can change and vary on a page without the page ever reloading. It’s time for a major rethink in how we measure our blog traffic and statistics.

Using Flex file system to build desktop applications

Windows-Desktop-48x48 Adobe® Flex™ 2 is a cross-platform development framework for creating rich Internet applications (RIAs).Flex enables you to create expressive, high-performance applications that run identically on all major browsers and operating systems.But Flex NOT only for web applications,we can build desktop applications using flex file system.

The cotton candy effect of loading with ActionScript

loading-48x48 A very cool effect on movies,films and application caused by the aging of the actual reels.Copy below codes to the first frame,the dynamic progress status of loading will be displayed,when loading completly the application will be run automatically.

Another JavaScript function for trim a string from white space

fonts-48x48 Thanks Joules  left a comment to let me konw that the language attribute for the script tag is deprecated (the article trim a string from white space by JavaScript function ).I wrote another javascript function for trim a string from white space at the front.(It will need some change for RTrim and Trim),I don’t konw there is faster way than below,if you know tell me pls. :)