11 Wonderful Tools Help You to Test Your Site Performans on Mobile Device

HP-Ipaq-111-iconThere are more mobile phones in the world than televisions and PCs combined. And millions of people are using those mobile phones to connect to the Internet. Experience the Web on your mobile phone like you never thought possible. A clean, simple and elegant user experience is available for you, whatever phone you have. Did your site is compatible with mobile devices? How to see your site the same way these millions of mobile users do, why not have a test now? Following we have prepared 11 wonderful tools to test your site on mobile. Then you can know how well your site performs on a mobile device. Now let’s start at once.

10 Very Powerful Mobile Phone Sync Tools

Phone-List-iconWithin iPhone 4 so hot these days, you will find the mobile is not just make a call but an basic necessities of your life. It became more and more important, you may store most of your important data like contacts, photos or files in it. Then it is a good idea to sync your phone regularly. Here we have prepared 10 mobile sync tools for you. Not only easily to use but very powerful.  By syncing your phone with your computer, you can easily access your music, photos, and Outlook contacts and email all your important files whether you’re sitting in your office or your doctor’s waiting room.

12 Very Helpful XML Related Tutorials In ActionScript

Filetype-XML-iconIn previous article: 6 CSV Related Libraries/Functions In Actionscript Save Your Time, we have introduced some CSV libraries in Actionscript. Now we will say something about XML. First, what is XML? XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language. Its a markup language similar to HyperText Markup Language (HTML). XML basically just stores data. Using XML is one of the best ways for structuring external content in a logical format that is easy to understand, process, and update. Then do you know how to use XML in ActionScript? Here we have prepared 12 tutorials about XML in ActionScript. Hope you will enjoy them.

6 CSV Related Libraries/Functions In Actionscript Save Your Time

Office-excel-csv-icon CSV is a common file type used to import data from one software application to another. It is very popular and easily to be used now. Do you still code by yourself to export or import CSV data to actionscript? Then following tools maybe very helpful to you. You can also create all kinds of chart by using of them.

40 Very Useful WordPress Tutorials Help You Become an Expert

wordpress-icon Maybe most of you have heard the awesome news these days that Microsoft Spaces is shutting down and migrating their 30M+ users to WordPress.com. It probably a big challerge for bloggers coming across to WP. Especially if you are not so familior with WP. Here we have prepared 40 very useful wordpress tutorials for you which may help you to be an expert. Whatever you are a beginner or senior, you will quickly find one you wanted. Now let’s start.

7 Free WordPress Themes/Solutions Help You to Create Mobile Friendly Websites

mobile-wordpress If you are an carefully reader, probably you have noticed that ntt.cc is mobile device friendly. Even you can switch to mobile site by click the link on the bottom on this website. More and more vistors are browsing your websites from their mobile devices like iPhone, iPad or other smart phones. It is essential that you create a mobile friendly version of your WordPress site. In this article, we collected 7 free wordpress themes/solutions for mobile devices.

8 iPad Apps For Connecting to Your Office Computer

apple-ipad-officialYour Apple iPad brings with it the ability to access remote computers via VNC or other remote protocols. Equipped with client software, you can use your iPad to control your computers at work and at home. This is important because you can operate all your desktop applications from wherever you are as long as you have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection to the Internet. To help you get started with remote access, you will read here about 8 iPad apps for connecting to your office computer.

11 Professional Premium Business WordPress Themes Designed Specifically For Your Sites

wordpress_logo More and more business sites turn to WordPress—It’s an excellent CMS solution. There is a large selection of affordable themes available designed specifically for business websites.  You also can find most services providers like Photocrati wordpress theme to customize your wordpress theme. Sometimes, professional looking themes can be difficult to find, following is the collection of 11 professional premium business wordPress themes designed specifically for your sites. Hope it can save your time.