35 Helpful Applications for Your iPad

ipad_keyboard1The iPad is the perfect device to collect our thoughts and organize our notes. Now within the launch of Apple’s iPad along with thousands of apps designed just for the device. Then how to choose some best apps is a big problem. Here we’ve hand-picked 35 inspiring apps for your iPad. Hope it will be helpful to you, not only save your time but also time.

10 Tools for Marketing Your Business Online

e-commerce-marketing If you are in business, whether online or offline, you need to be aware of how you can build brand awareness, engage your customers and ultimately drive more sales by marketing your services and products online. For maximum effect, the various facets of your marketing plan should compliment each other and work smoothly together. There are three broad areas to which you should devote your attention: social, advertising and search engine optimization. Here are 10 tips and tools to help promote your business to the millions of international consumers on the internet.

9 Useful Media Apps For Google Android

android-social-media Google Android was built from the ground-up to enable developers to create compelling mobile applications, an application can call upon any of the phone’s core functionality such as using the camera, creating richer and more cohesive experiences for users.

Ringtones, Video, TV, Audio and many other multimedia, mobile phone has been more and more powerful. As what we said in pervious article 10 Application for Android You Must Have, Mobile phones are also increasingly important part of our lives. Below is a list of 9 useful media apps for Google Android. *Creating a good Android Apps list is never an easy job, hope you can enjoy!

10 Application for Android You Must Have

Web Mobile phones are increasingly important part of our lives, and we seem to be doing everything but making phone calls. For example reading the news, watching a YouTube video, and taking photos at events like the World Cup are things we expect to do on mobile phones. Google’s mobile operating system is well on its way to bringing flashier features to Android phones. Android is a software platform for mobile devices. Then if you are a Andriod Mobile Use, you will not miss following list. We prepared 10 the best applications for android you must have. But it is just a begin, hope you can share us what you like best.

10 Fresh Games For iPhone & iPad (Sep 2010)

fresh-cut-wheatgrass-iconContinue the resource like 10+ Best iPhone Application Development Resources or Tools You Should Know and 10 Best-designed iPhone Games For Kids Attack Your Sense, here is 10 fresh games for both iPhone and iPad which released on Sep 2010. Thanks Apple promised that most the applications we already know and love would work on the iPad too. :)

27+ The Best Free Flash Gallery Tutorials

gallery-icon What is the best way for creating an image slideshow or gallery? CSS or Flash? Actually each has its own advantages and every developer may have own preference. Flash has a special feel of sleekness, style and professionalism. Flash does have an air of being technically difficult to develop, but with these ten easy to follow Flash Gallery and Slideshow Tutorials. Here we have handpicked some the best free Flash photo galleries tutorials. You can easily create own flash gallery sharing with friend througn website by them. Now let’s start.

10 Best-designed iPhone Games For Kids Attack Your Sense

Mario-icon If you are a father or mother of kids who possess an iPhone, how will you choose the best apps from among the 200,000 currently offered in the App Store in the vacations like summer?

If you are a developer, you can improve the develop ability by reading the open source iPhone Apps, but it is not enough. A good design also be needed in a good game. We collected following 10 great designed iPhone games for kids. There are hundreds of iPhone apps that are great for kids, so please feel free to share your children’s favorites in the comments!

40 Cute Creative Free Twitter Icon Sets For You Websites Blog or iPhone

TwitterMonster-iconNow Twitter is welcomed by many person but some of them maybe think the “Follow Me” buttons or icons are so boring. If you are looking for some fresh, lovely twitter icons, you will not miss this post. Here we have prepared 30+ creativity originality Icon Sets for Twitter for your reference. BTW you can use them free for your websites, blogs or even your iphone.