Secure Your Adobe FlashAIR Application Against Unlicensed Use With Zarqon Cloud-based License Control System


For Adobe Flash or AIR developers, put your valuable time into developing an application for the purpose of supplementing your income should be easy for the popular of Flash technology. In previous article we discussed about How To Protect Your Flash Source Code & Resource, in fact, How can I make sure that I don’t just sell one license and then everyone else gets it from a ‘warez’ site?  is a question they must mind.



Zarqon is a cloud-based system that works with Adobe Flex and AIR to give you feature-level control of your software, and complete ownership of your license-holder data, which is stored and accessed for pennies per month in your own Amazon S3 account. Sell your application anywhere and anyhow you like. Your data never passes through our servers and you pay no royalties or percentages on the licenses you sell aside from your payment vendor’s charges.

Hmm, I know Zarqon because they became a sponsor of some days ago(But Notice: This article is NOT a promotion or paid post for Zarqon). Its reliant only on Amazon S3 no other third party dependencies. A common model is to release ad-supported and/or free functionality to allow viral spreading of the product and sell premium features and/or remove ads for users who will pay.

Following is the usage of this software or you can get more details from zarqon details docs.



  1.  Create Your Application


Build and make available your new desktop or web application using the Zarqon API to programatically control access to some or all functionality. Brilliant, that was easy.

  1.  User Buys A License


A new user purchases a license for your product. This can be handled by any payment method, such as Paypal, Google Checkout or even mail order. Sweet, the money’s in the bank.

  1.  You Issue A License


Use the Zarqon Desktop Control Center to issue a license to the user. The license is encrypted, stored in the cloud, and the info is emailed to the license holder’s email address. Done deal.

  1.  User Receives License


The user opens the email and follows your instructions for entering the license info into your desktop application or for configuring your web application to run on their site. Simple as can be.

  1.  App Validates License


When the license is validated, your application recieves a list of features available under this specific license. Your application can now use this information to alter its behavior and appearance accordingly.

Zarqon is simple and convenient. The Zarqon Desktop Control Center allows developers to easily describe their products, features and feature sets. They can then issue licenses for recurring subscriptions and time-limited trials (at the product, feature or feature set level), and up-sell new features to existing users. Licenses can be disabled at any time if compromised.

For the trust-related issues, I thought all along that it was impossible for using third party component or API to issue licenses before this. Zarqon solved this issue, developers need not worry if their users will encounter delays or downtime due to license data being inaccessible with Amazon’s long history of reliable worldwide up-time for the S3 service.

As a 10 years software development experience programmer, I developed some open source software, free software and also some paid software. Normally I wrote license validation system—much time needed but the effect not so good. I don’t know how the market of License Control System, but honest, the software/idea like Zarqon can help me solve some issues with few cost. So I think it should be popular!

Tips: Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like the electricity grid.