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68 Small but Useful Open Source ActionScript Libraries(misc) help Flex/Flash Developers Improve Work Efficiency

Folder-Library-icon We prepared a list of Misc Class in pervious article 8 Useful Misc ActionScript Class. There are more and more open source projects floating around all over the place, it’s real beauty for all Flex/Flash developers. Here is a new list open source ActionScript 3 MISC libraries – all of them are small but very useful. Please don’t stint your time to try, these libraries can help you to improve your develop efficiency faster.

Please left you comment to help consummate this list if you feel I missed anything.


How To Track Loader Progress in AS3

1-Pictures-icon We introduced three ways to load an image file in Flex in previous article. Normally there are no any problem with loading progress of external files. You can add an event listen(Event.COMPLETE) to monitor if it is complete then do something, but if you also want to do something when any errors were caused on the loading, what should we do? Below is the sample source code on how to track Loader process in AS3:


Access All Your Google Analytics Data in Flash/AIR Projects with ActionScript 3 Client Library

google-analytics-logo Google Analytics blog introduced a new ActionScript 3 Client Library, this library provides a simple way to access your Analytics Data from both AIR Applications and Flash Player (though a proxy). The developers an easily integrate Google Analytics into their Flash/AIR projects with this AS3 library.


12 Very Helpful XML Related Tutorials In ActionScript

Filetype-XML-iconIn previous article: 6 CSV Related Libraries/Functions In Actionscript Save Your Time, we have introduced some CSV libraries in Actionscript. Now we will say something about XML. First, what is XML? XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language. Its a markup language similar to HyperText Markup Language (HTML). XML basically just stores data. Using XML is one of the best ways for structuring external content in a logical format that is easy to understand, process, and update. Then do you know how to use XML in ActionScript? Here we have prepared 12 tutorials about XML in ActionScript. Hope you will enjoy them.


6 CSV Related Libraries/Functions In Actionscript Save Your Time

Office-excel-csv-icon CSV is a common file type used to import data from one software application to another. It is very popular and easily to be used now. Do you still code by yourself to export or import CSV data to actionscript? Then following tools maybe very helpful to you. You can also create all kinds of chart by using of them.


The Candle Flame Fluttered In The Breeze With Actionscript 3.0 Open Source Library TeraFire

safe_image.php TeraFire is an open source as3 library which can help you to make the candle flame fluttered effect in the breeze. Similar the previous library: How To Calculate The Average Between 2 Colors In ActionScript 3.0, there is only one as3 source file in TeraFire library. You can easily to modify and to adapt to other flame.


How To Calculate The Average Between 2 Colors In ActionScript 3.0

mb-plastic-calculator-color In some web apps or flash games, we probably need to calculate the average between 2 colors, for example. feed 0xAA0000 and 0xCC0000, and return 0xBB0000 ? Is there a simple way to calculate between two hex colors?

AverageColor is a open source(Licensed under the MIT License) util-class to calculate the average between 2 colors (Hex, RGB or HSB format).


Adobe’s ActionScript and JavaScript Languages Navigate Around Traditional Anti-virus Platforms

adobe-hacker M86 Security released it’s bi-annual security report for the first half of 2010 on Jul 14, 2010 with one good news and one bad news. The good news is traditional online attacks are becoming less effective, the bad one is, attackers are finding new ways to combine these attacks in unexpected ways to continue punching malicious code through corporate firewalls.