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20 Coolest Adobe AIR Apps

air_logo Adobe AIR allows developers to take advantage of different technology in order to further develop their own applications. These applications run outside of the Web browser and can function across multiple platforms. Adobe AIR, which is free, is used by many companies, such as Nickelodeon, eBay and National Geographic.


2 Years Old Adobe Air-based Twitter Client Tweetdeck Has been Downloaded 15 Million Times!!!

twitter-bird2 One of 15 Amazing Apple’s iPad Apps You Should Know, Adobe Air-based Twitter client Tweetdeck, celebrated its 2nd anniversary on July 4th with the amazing download times, including the fact that its desktop application, more than 15 million!!! This impressive download milestone are as many as 5 times bigger than its nearest competitor possible!


Top 7 Adobe AIR Apps for Videos you should know

Smurf-House-Smurfette-128x128 We have introduced over 25 Adobe AIR&Flex applications for images on 25+ Very Cool Adobe AIR/Flex Applications for Images & Photos. All of them are very useful! But AIR apps can also be used for video enthusiasts. Take a look through the 20+ apps we’ve gathered for you, and you are sure to find something useful.


25+ Very Cool Adobe AIR/Flex Applications for Images & Photos

Adobe-Acrobat-Reader-256x256 Adobe Systems Incorporated is based on photo edit software: PhotoShop. ( Didn’t confirm the develop history but feel like this). Adobe has strong power on the photo edit. But many very excellent photo edit applications were developed with the Flex and AIR based on Adobe. I’ve collected some of them like following list. If you know more please don’t hesitate to let me know(Left your comment here :) ). Note: listed in no particular order.


as3corelib Tutorial:An Adobe AIR class that provides a log target for the Flex logging framework

log-128x128 Part of the newest corelib 0.92.1, an Adobe AIR only class that provides a log target for the Flex logging framework, that logs files to a file on the user’s system.I think it’s useful when you want to write the logs into a specified file instead of the default one.

Search-256x256 DownloadDownload Full Project


SQLite Example for Adobe AIR–Working with local SQL databases(with source code)

Windows-Table-256x256 Adobe AIR includes the capability of creating and working with local SQL databases. Many stand SQL features are supported in the runtime, open source SQLite system can be used for storing local, persistent data.


How To Discriminate Between JavaScript Object and ActionScript Object In AIR

chart-accept-128x128JavaScript and ActionScript share a nearly identical syntax, object model, and even many object classes because both of them are based on the ECMA-262 (ECMAScript) standard. ActionScript implements the arguments object, which supports the callee and length properties, just like JavaScript. ActionScript also implements the Array, Boolean, Date, Math, Number, Object, and String classes familiar to JavaScript programmers.Adobe AIR allows ActionScript and JavaScript base object can be convert each other.But sometimes we still need to know which is javascript objct and which is actionscript object.The following code shows how to detect Javascript objct and ActionScript.


Create your interesting Air desktop application using ActionScript

adobe-airIt is an exciting news for linux Air developer that Adobe AIR for Linux has been released!

If you are tired of dull desktop and want to have relaxation in busing worktime, why not you try the following example? It is a Air desktop application with ActionScrip, A  ladybird crawling chaos everywhere. If you have interesting, reference the following example you could built a cool Air desktop application by yourself.