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6 Free Android GUI PSD/Templates For Designers

Android In our previous articles we have collected 11 Free iPhone 4 GUI PSD Templates and 12 Free Apple iPad GUI PSD Templates. In comparison to Apples iPhone and iPad, Androids guidelines are comprehensive and clear enough, yet they do allow a little room for some original design creativity. The following is a fairly comprehensive free collection of Android GUI PSDs/Templates to help streamline your app design and development,


An Evangelist at Adobe Systems Shows Apple FaceTime Clone “FlashTime” Video Chat For Android

adobe-color Mark Doherty, Flash Platform Evangelist at Adobe Systems focused on Mobile and Devices with Flash technologies, demonstrated a peer-to-peer video calling system for Android called FlashTime, is built using the upcoming Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) 2.5, currently in beta.


Create ActionScripts 3 Projects To AS .apk Applications For The Android OS

adobe_airThis past week, a build of Adobe’s Air platform was leaked online. Then the website DroidLife made it available to everyone, along with a few apps running on the platform. It looks like DroidLife got their hands on the APK that you can download and install. They are making it clear that the build is very early which probably means that it’s somewhat buggy.