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How To Track Loader Progress in AS3

1-Pictures-icon We introduced three ways to load an image file in Flex in previous article. Normally there are no any problem with loading progress of external files. You can add an event listen(Event.COMPLETE) to monitor if it is complete then do something, but if you also want to do something when any errors were caused on the loading, what should we do? Below is the sample source code on how to track Loader process in AS3:


The Candle Flame Fluttered In The Breeze With Actionscript 3.0 Open Source Library TeraFire

safe_image.php TeraFire is an open source as3 library which can help you to make the candle flame fluttered effect in the breeze. Similar the previous library: How To Calculate The Average Between 2 Colors In ActionScript 3.0, there is only one as3 source file in TeraFire library. You can easily to modify and to adapt to other flame.


How To Calculate The Average Between 2 Colors In ActionScript 3.0

mb-plastic-calculator-color In some web apps or flash games, we probably need to calculate the average between 2 colors, for example. feed 0xAA0000 and 0xCC0000, and return 0xBB0000 ? Is there a simple way to calculate between two hex colors?

AverageColor is a open source(Licensed under the MIT License) util-class to calculate the average between 2 colors (Hex, RGB or HSB format).


Some String Utils Examples & Functions in ActionScript 3.0

memo Continue the articles which were published before, 7 Trim() Equivalent Function In Flash Might Help Someone Else, 16 Useful Mathematical Formulas In ActionScript 3 and 12 very simple,basic but useful function source in Flex, here is some string utils examples and functions in ActionScript 3.0. You can reference here for all the methods of the String class. *I think this article no help for most readers, only for AS beginers and the memo of myself, hope you don’t agree with me :)


Zuma-like Flash Game With AS3 Source Code

flash-game-zuma What is Zuma? Zuma is a fast-paced puzzle game developed by PopCap Games. It can be played for free online at several Web sites like MSN Games, Zuma on Yahoo!  etc, and also available for a number of platforms, including PDAs, mobile phones, Smart-phone, Xbox, Mac and the iPod. Zuma is one of the best-selling casual games of a very long time. It has been a brand, we can find over 10 clones in the casual game market called zuma-like games. As a Flash developer, did you think build a zuma-like flash game for yourself?


Tips: How To Customize Right-click Menu In ActionScript 3

apple-menu-icon Somebody who read Replace the Flex’s Default Right Click Menu asked how to do the same with Flash AS3. In fact, AS3 provides the class named ContextMenu to controls the menu, and classes that handle the ContextMenuItem properties and ContextMenuEvent events.


9 Very Useful Animation Library/Engine For AS3

Summer-movies-256x256 In previous article 9 Excellent 3D Engine For Flash/Flex/AS we have introduced some excellent 3D Engines. But we think you must need much more. Some very small lightweight, flexible animation Library will help you save effor in development work. You can handle animation or other time functionality with code by using of them in a smart way. Now let’s start.


How to use FlexUnit in Flex

Earth-Scan-256x256 If you’re a java programmer, you may familiar with JUnit. Today, software testing is becoming more and more important. A good platform needs good testing tools. Now, Adobe release the unit test tool on flex named FlexUnit. So, let’s try it, and gives you a direct-viewing understand.


I’ll suppose the reader, you familiar with Flex and AS 3.0(or AS 2.0), and any knowledge about software testing is unnecessary. This demo can be ran in Flex Builder 3.0.

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