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Tips: What’s The Difference Between “Display” And “Visibility” Properties In CSS?

bluetooth-Vista-icon There are two properties in CSS which can be used for selectively hiding and revealing information: the Visibility and Display properties. They may seem to do the same thing on the surface, but in fact, they are very different and often confuse those new to web development. What’s the difference between display: none and visibility: hidden?


Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Attributes 2

Help-File-256x256 If you don’t use the keyword “private” to modify the properties, then you can use the properties in the subclass in most cases. That’s the conclusion we ade in last section. Now, we’re going to talk about the exception situation.


Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Attributes 1

Blue-04-256x256 From previou post Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Inheritance, we have know that a key advantage of inheritance is that it allows you to reuse code from a base class yet leave the existing code unmodified. For example, you can build a new subclass Cook to extend from the class Person, and then the class Cook can have the method “haveBreakfast” automatically.