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8 Classical ActionScript Classes About BitMap

wallpaper-icon Bitmap is an often used graphics file format in program development. Then it seems how to master it is very important. In fact there are many very useful classes about bitmap can help you to easily create a Bitmap objects. Following we have collected 8 classical BitMap classes for your reference. Hope you can enjoy them.


How to Create a Bitmap(Matrix Graphics) Progress Bar in Flex

lime-apple-128x128 Usually we could use percentage or progress bar to show how the progress going on. But some cases such as the file divided into some same size of the block and deal with these blocks. Then using matrix graphics to indicate the progress is very direct-viewing. Following let’s try to do it.

First let’s see the screen shot of the program or run the Demo (switch effect by click)


Using ICODecoder Class to Read ICO file and Display it as Bitmap in ActionScript

applications If you are an experienced Java development, you might know the ICODecoder class ( package com.sun.jimi.core.decoder.ico ). Using this class, We can read ICO file in Java. But how can we do the same in actionScript? The following ICODecoder Class is capable of reading the ICO format in actionscript. Usage is very simple:


Using BMPDecoder class to Load an External BMP File(RLE Compression Support)

k-paint The flash.display.Bitmap class represents display objects that represent bitmap images. These can be images that you load with the flash.display.Loader class, or they can be images that you create with the Bitmap() constructor. Similar to Bitmap class, BMP files decoder class BMPDecoder read bmp file and display (written by munegon), RLE compression be supported. The usage is very simple: