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Microsoft Slings Mud At Google Help Google Chrome More Popular

microsoft-vs-google Internet Explorer product manager Pete LePage, did a stupid thing on this April Fools’s Day 2010, publicly attacked Google Chrome, accusing its arch web rival of compromising user privacy with the browser’s data-gathering address bar and claimed that its Internet Explorer 8 browser offers greater privacy than Google’s Chrome.


Watch 3D “Avatar” Or “Alice” With Google Chrome!

glossy-3d-blue-orbs2-086-icon If we say “Avatar” let’s know what is IMAX 3D, “Alice In Wonderland” push it climax. What will happen if 3D be used in virtual world? Do you also think 3D cool? On April 1, 2009, CADIE attempted at the April Fools’s joke that enabling Chrome’s 3D functionality allowed us to 3D contents–so much more than we ever thought was possible. Perhaps it will come true on this summer.