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Design Patterns in ActionScript-Builder

Box-Full-128x128 Have you ever buy a computer online, maybe from dell? In dell’s website, we just need to follow its process to order the accessories you need, then you can get your own computer configuration. Of course, you can’t get the real computer until you pay it :)

Here, you direct the producer to produce your own computer through the dell website. Ok, three roles here, you, dell website and the real producer.


Some Useful Flex Builder Shortcut Keys Which You Should Konw

If you can skillfully use Flex Builder shortcut keys it could advanced improve your working efficiency.The belows are some shortcut keys which you should know.


automatically create an Ant build file from your Flex Builder project with Flex2Ant

bass-48x48 With flex2ant you have the ability to add the Adobe Flex 2 SDK command line compiler (mxmlc) to your Eclipse installation. By installing flex2ant you add a specific Ant task to the Ant installation that is part of the Eclipse IDE, therefore making this task visible to the Eclipse environment.