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12 Smart Web Based Applications Manage Your Business

AddressBook-Red-iconMabybe it is a question for you. How to access to online tools from virtually anywhere opens up markets, expands access to vendors and makes collaboration something more easily done, even with internal teams. Then the following list may help you solve this question. These smart web based application may track your process, manage your scheldule, control your project and increase your productivity. Now why not have a try?


11 Professional Premium Business WordPress Themes Designed Specifically For Your Sites

wordpress_logo More and more business sites turn to WordPress—It’s an excellent CMS solution. There is a large selection of affordable themes available designed specifically for business websites.  You also can find most services providers like Photocrati wordpress theme to customize your wordpress theme. Sometimes, professional looking themes can be difficult to find, following is the collection of 11 professional premium business wordPress themes designed specifically for your sites. Hope it can save your time.


10 Tools for Marketing Your Business Online

e-commerce-marketing If you are in business, whether online or offline, you need to be aware of how you can build brand awareness, engage your customers and ultimately drive more sales by marketing your services and products online. For maximum effect, the various facets of your marketing plan should compliment each other and work smoothly together. There are three broad areas to which you should devote your attention: social, advertising and search engine optimization. Here are 10 tips and tools to help promote your business to the millions of international consumers on the internet. (more…)

Adobe Will Create New Business Unit To Handle Its Most High-profile Products

flash-platform Adobe Systems Inc. announced on this Monday that it will create new units to push core technologies and products, include Flash video technology and CS software.

And a new business unit which dubbed Creative and Interactive Solutions will be launched first, David Wadhwani, who is currently part of Adobe’s Platform business will be the leader of this company based in San Jose.


61+ Free Business WordPress themes

Theme-Settings-128x128Some days ago, was returned to the i3Theme, since I found that even the same content but with different theme, the performance is very difference.  A suitable theme not only makes your website more attractive but also close to the readers. Specially  for some business website, the theme plays an important role.  Since I haven’t the talent to design the excellent themes, I collected some good business ones and supply for these people who need them. It almost took me one week spare time to finish it, but I think it deserved, because it would save more time for WP user. I have put these themes in one page although it seems too long but it is very convenicen and fast for you to find your satisfied ones.Enjoy!