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20+ Useful Flash Menu Buttons(Full Source Code)

Bahrain-icon Create a button( ex. a button that points to an URL ) in Adobe Flash is simple but which type button should be used probably will be a problem. Or you can coding, but have no originality creativity. The following is 20 beautiful and different type flash buttons with source code. Enjoy! *You can download and use them, but copyright belongs their respective owners.


12 ActionScript Tutorials About Button

fish-2-icon No matter Web or Windows program development, the button is a necessary role. There are many tutorials about button application in Flash with ActionSctipt. We have collected some for your reference. Some of them teach you how to create a button in flash, some of them introduced how to enable or disable a button with ActionScript. Hope you will enjoy them.


how to create dynamic button in actionscript

At first, it is a very simple tip.Maybe… anybody knows how can we create dynamic button in flash as we create textfield dynamically using this MovieClip.createTextField(), In this article, it shows how to creat dynamical button in actionscript. No design tools will be used, it is just actionscript code. Ok, let’s see the following code, hope it is what you are looking for and will be helpful to you.