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anyChart Slimily 3D Effect Flash Charting Component With Full Source Code(AS3, pie Chart)

pie-chart-icon Although we are having a argument about Will HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript Really Be Flash And Silverlight Killer?, however, a simply undeniable fact is that flex applications are used widely.Especially dashboard, reporting, analytics, statistical, financial or any other data visualization.


5+ free Flash charting component/library help you to convert your scores and finances into attractive animated graphical charts

Column-Chart-256x256 Have you ever thought that install attractive stats on your website and make detailed explanation of all scores that come from different digital sources onto your application or website, presenting it as animated diagrams.Following is a list of some charting components/libraries and my 10 minute reviews, :) , those don’t need any installation or only need simply setup  works with majority scripting language you could think of, runs on a majority of browsers, interactive, completely tunable & scalable, and creates stunning animated charts. Enjoy!