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How To Calculate The Average Between 2 Colors In ActionScript 3.0

mb-plastic-calculator-color In some web apps or flash games, we probably need to calculate the average between 2 colors, for example. feed 0xAA0000 and 0xCC0000, and return 0xBB0000 ? Is there a simple way to calculate between two hex colors?

AverageColor is a open source(Licensed under the MIT License) util-class to calculate the average between 2 colors (Hex, RGB or HSB format).


7 ActionScript Class About Color

hp-auto-icon In previous article we have introduced the ActionScript class about sound, string, bitmap, TextField. But as you know the internet is also a colorful world. Then the class of color is essential part of the development. Following we have prepared some light weight useful Color class for your reference. Hope you will enjoy them


Set Background-color for Headers of DataGrid

Marmalade-Cubes-256x256 Problem Summery: One of the BBS developers asked a question about setting the background-color of separate header of DataGrid component. At first, I guessed that the style headerColors of DataGrid would help us. However, this style controls all headers’ background-color. Does headerStyleName of DataGridColumn would help us? Unfortunately, the answer was no. Setting the “background-color” of the style “myDataGridColumnStyle” which I assigned to “headerStyleName” took no effect. No resolution? I googled a lot, found no existing resolution.