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Using Debugger And Print To Debug Your ActionScript Under Linux

firebug-debugIn previous article Using Actionscript 3 to develop Adobe Flash Content On Linux(Chinese Version), we have tried to use Adobe Flex 3.0 SDK developed “hello actionscript 3″ under Linux successfully. Compared with Windows programmer, the debug for Linux programmer is more complex. Especially for these user only use the Adobe Flex 3.0 SDK, it is more difficult. But it doesn’t mean the weak function. On the contrary when you get used to Linux gdb (Flex 3.0 SDK fdg), you will find that it could following your own thinking to debugging program under Linux. Which different from the windows, you need to following the result of debugging program. Then, less nonsense. Let’s begin our travel of Debug under Linux immediately.  

The way of Linux Debug

There are generally two ways as following, we will introducing them individually: “Use debugger” and “The most primitive way: print”.