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100 Useful HTML Resource Links Web Developers Should Know

Favorite-iconWe introduced The New Features(Tag) In HTML 5 in before article. Yes, HTML 5 is ready and many big name web 2.0 like Facebook, YouTuBe go HTML 5. We can’t say HTML5 will be the killer of Adobe Flash and MS Silverlight,  however, as the cornerstone of internet world, HTML is important because without it, there is nothing to build upon when it comes to skills. The following is nearly 100 useful HTML resource links include specifications, tutorials, FAQ, validators and editors etc. If you are a web developer, I think you should bookmark this post to your favorite, :)


Fade from one color to another–Animating Color Transitions in Flex

block-device-128x128 We will need to fade our applications background color from one value to the next like 0xC58D31 to 0x87FEE9. Fading the background color of an element means that you gradually change that element’s background color from one color to another. This effect is useful for many things especially when we update a web page without reloading it because it gives you a way to draw attention to the area of the web page that has been updated so the user doesn’t miss it.It is not difficult for DHTML or JavaScript, but how to do it in Flex? The following shows how to make the background of your pages fade from one color to another in flex.