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50+ Very Useful Javascript Effects for Web Developers

File-Adobe-Dreamweaver-JavaScript-iconHere we have prepared a long list for Javascript effects. It include effects like photo gallery, social network, making graphical plots, creating tool tips and so on. If you are a web developers, you will not miss this list. You may get some inspiration from them. Now let’s start.


The Candle Flame Fluttered In The Breeze With Actionscript 3.0 Open Source Library TeraFire

safe_image.php TeraFire is an open source as3 library which can help you to make the candle flame fluttered effect in the breeze. Similar the previous library: How To Calculate The Average Between 2 Colors In ActionScript 3.0, there is only one as3 source file in TeraFire library. You can easily to modify and to adapt to other flame.


Cover Flow Effect supported by Keyboard in Flex

music-family-win If you like Apple/iPod, I think you will like the iTunes styled "cover flow".We can do it in Flex/Flash by the Flex CoverFlow component( or isplayShelf Component ( or Flash iTunes Cover Flow ( etc. Following is another to do the same, keyboard support.

Search-256x256 Demo | DownloadDownload Full Project


6 ways/effects that response to user’s event in Flex

Mammooth-256x256We often use some effect to response the user’s action, when building the user interface. For example, if user click a botton, the label will move to right a little. 

Consider following case: When user click botton, the label will realize switching between two states and during the switching will show two different effect. If the user repeatedly click the botton and the interval time shorter than the effect time. How to deal with it?

There are six way to deal with this situation:


Simple tips to realize the marquee effect in flex(with source code)

Location-NEWS-128x128If you’ve considered the marquee effect when you built a news board in your web application? The Simple tips show how to realize the marquee effect in flex. Because it based on Canvas and Text component, you could change the font size, color, background and scroll speed freely. If you put mouse on frame, the marquee effect will be paused.  
View source is enabled in the following example

Whether is in the Google Sandbox and how to get out of the Sandbox Effect

It seems that was added in the Google sandBox. was published in mid January 2008 and promptly ranked well for keywords at the first month,Very unfortunate it disappeared from the rankings(search result) since one week ago( gets few visitors from Google since 2008/02/19 but I found that also had good ranking with Google Webmaster Tool ). (more…)

The cotton candy effect of loading with ActionScript

loading-48x48 A very cool effect on movies,films and application caused by the aging of the actual reels.Copy below codes to the first frame,the dynamic progress status of loading will be displayed,when loading completly the application will be run automatically.