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11 Powerful Open Source Tweening Engine For ActionScript

Coffee-Cup-icon We can create simple animations easily in ActionScript with the Tween libraries like the AS3 tween engines in Zeh Fernando’s Tweener or Jack Doyle’s TweenLite(Although there are Tween Classes already bundled in Flash Cs3 above). This article provides 11 powerfl open source tweening engine for actionscript. If you know others, don’t forget to share it  via our comments section!


9 Very Useful Animation Library/Engine For AS3

Summer-movies-256x256 In previous article 9 Excellent 3D Engine For Flash/Flex/AS we have introduced some excellent 3D Engines. But we think you must need much more. Some very small lightweight, flexible animation Library will help you save effor in development work. You can handle animation or other time functionality with code by using of them in a smart way. Now let’s start.


9 Excellent 3D Engine For Flash/Flex/AS

glossy-3d-blue-orbs2-036-256x256 In previous article the list of Open Source realtime 3D engine for Flash, we have metioned some 3D Flash Engine. But it seems not enough. With the 3D technology be more and more popular in the game development, find a efficent 3D engine for Flex and Flash seems more and more important. It not only save you development time but also will improve the design quality. Now following we have listed the more perfect 3D Engines for your reference. Hope you will enjoy them.


the list of Open Source realtime 3D engine for Flash

Flash-8-256x256I don’t konw why the Flash plugin is non-open source, but we can found so many perfect open source projects like previous article open source Flex project list.  

And for some projects do you need a very good interactive realtime 3D engine? OK,the following is a list of Open Source realtime 3D engine for Flash in actionscript.I like open source! Enjoy!


the list of AS2/AS3 Physics Engine(open source + non-open source)

I collected some AS3 Physics Engine projects listed below.If you know others not in following list reply it please.



Box2DFlashAS3 is an open source port of Erin Catto’s powerful c++ physics library Box2D.