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Newest Flash Tools

Flash-icon If you work with a CMS platform, you probably already know how powerful Flash tools can be. As Flash continues to grows, more and more developers are entering the field offering fantastic tools that can make your life a lot easier. These tools will not only save you a lot of time, but they will save you a lot of headaches. With that being said, if you’re looking to implement flash with your online CMS, here are five tools to consider:


Pros and Cons of Flash Designing and What is New in Flash Designing?

pros-vs-cons The pros of Flash design are easy to see from a human point of view. If a site loads as a whole entity then it’s quick and simple to get around. That said, a browser often thinks that the Flash site is a single page no matter how many levels into the site you’ve gone: so if you hit the back button on your browser when you are several “pages” into a Flash site you end up going back to the site you were at before you loaded the Flash one.


18 Free Flash Image Galleries Which Can Be Easily Embedded Into Your Sites

gallery-icon We introduced 15+ Free, powerful and easy to integrate Flash image gallery in 2008, it seems has been 3 years ago. And collected 27+ The Best Free Flash Gallery Tutorials in 2010. Probably some smart readers have built their galleries by themselves. How about you? Here is a new list of free flash image galleries, some of them are listed in the post before, but the new version was released, some of them are new, no matter the older or newer, you can easily embed them into your sites to share your photos or products with very cool effect!


10 Unit Testing Frameworks for Flex/Flash Applications and Libraries

bug-icon Unit test is an important stage for an project. For Java projects, we can use the great unit testing framework such as JUnit, for C++ project, the similar tool CPPUnit also be used popularly. For ActionScript developers, are there similar frameworks for us? That’s sure, here is a collect of unit testing frameworks for Flex and Flash applications and libraries. Enjoy!


Chrome Integrated PDF—Good or Bad News for Adobe?

google-chrome-integrated-sandboxed-pdf-viewer-comingPDF is one of the most popular document formats that’s used for delivering documents on the web, for read PDF file, normally you need to install Adobe Reader.

Google Chrome Team announced they had integrated PDF viewer to the Chrome beta channel. For most people especially the desktop administrators, you needn’t to continue deploying Adobe Reader with basic PDF needs. With each new release the guys over at Google have made sure to share new features and improvements with us.


Adobe Is Testing a Beta Version of Flash Designed For the MacBook Air – Flash Could Reduce Battery Runtime By 33%?

flash-player-cjr If you want run Adobe Flash content on the Apple new MacBook Air, you have to download the plugin and install it yourself. Apple said they left Flash Player off the Air so users would be sure to download the latest version.


27+ The Best Free Flash Gallery Tutorials

gallery-icon What is the best way for creating an image slideshow or gallery? CSS or Flash? Actually each has its own advantages and every developer may have own preference. Flash has a special feel of sleekness, style and professionalism. Flash does have an air of being technically difficult to develop, but with these ten easy to follow Flash Gallery and Slideshow Tutorials. Here we have handpicked some the best free Flash photo galleries tutorials. You can easily create own flash gallery sharing with friend througn website by them. Now let’s start.


30 of the Most Amazing Flash Websites on the Net

30 of the Most Amazing Flash Websites on the Net For those that don’t know, Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video and interactivity to websites. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that these sites are among the most amazing on the net and by far the most fun to use.

Flash does have its downsides – it can be tediously slow to load and choppy if you’re internet connection’s not up to scratch, but when employed correctly in a website, the results can be spectacular. For proof, check out the 30 sites below. Each one is highly original and creative, but some are so ahead of the game that you’ll find yourself drooling over the incredible visuals on show.