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The Basic of ActionScript, Flash Builder 4 and Flash CS5 etc

asia Recently, I received some questions from beginners about the concept, and the connection in the ActionScript, Flash Builder, Flash CS5, MXML, AIR and RIA. Don’t contempt the simple questions like these, probably even some experience can’t reply the question from beginners like: Can I use AS1 or AS2 in Flash CS5 and Flash Builder 4?


Flex SDK 4.1 and Flash Builder 4.0.1 Are Available For Download Today

Network-Update-icon In previous articles Flex SDK Omit Trace Bug And Solutions or Flash Builder 4 Compiler Bug ( FB 4.0 build 272416 ) And Solutions, we hacked some Flex SDK 4.0 bugs(although unrelated, :) ).  June 30, 2010, The official Flex team announced the release of Flex SDK 4.1 and Flash Builder 4.0.1 which are available for download.


The resource/tutroials of Flash Builder 4、Flex 4 SDK and Flash Catalyst

briefcase-64x64 Since the download available for Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst from Adobe Labs site, there were quite a lot of tutorials, how-to’s and reviews all over the web from Adobe’s Platform Evangelists and a few other prominent developers.

Flash Builder 4 delivers a long list of new features, plus improvements to many existing features. Adobe has compiled a very useful set of videos about the new feature of Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst.  The following is a list of the resource and tutorials of Flash Builder 4、Flex 4 SDK adm Flash Catalyst.If you know more please don’t hesitate to let me know. Note: listed in no particular order.