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Flash Builder 4 Compiler Bug ( FB 4.0 build 272416 ) And Solutions

ladybug-icon Many flex developers probably still be addicted to the news of the final version of Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder available, or having a argument of What Do You Think “Flex Builder Standard costs $249” And “Coldfusion Builder+FB $299”? ( me? :) ). However the real proficient are working to find the bugs of compiler.


What Do You Think “Flex Builder Standard costs $249” And “Coldfusion Builder+FB $299”?

fb_4_appicon Flex and Flash Builder product teams announced that the final version of Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder 4 are available for download today! We can see many many the message like this on AXNA. It seems that “Somebody” have pointed out Flex Builder Standard costs $249, and Coldfusion Builder  + Flex Builder Standard  only $299!


How to use FlexUnit in Flex

Earth-Scan-256x256 If you’re a java programmer, you may familiar with JUnit. Today, software testing is becoming more and more important. A good platform needs good testing tools. Now, Adobe release the unit test tool on flex named FlexUnit. So, let’s try it, and gives you a direct-viewing understand.


I’ll suppose the reader, you familiar with Flex and AS 3.0(or AS 2.0), and any knowledge about software testing is unnecessary. This demo can be ran in Flex Builder 3.0.

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Set the ANT_OPT for flex ant tasks to avoid the error “out of memory” threw by Flex Builder when building a huge project

memory Problem Summary: When I compile a project including thousands MXML and AS files with Flex Ant, I got an error message as below displayed in the Console panel of Flex Builder:


the list of MXML/AS3 editor or development environment besides Flex Builder

Adobe_AIR_Support_LogotypeOutside of the Flash interface, what do you guys use to edit and debug your AS3 classes in? I use Flex Builder for the brunt,but when I have no need to debug or just want in and out fast,I use notepad to view or edit.The following are some other MXML/AS3 editor or development environment.