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How to use FlexUnit in Flex

Earth-Scan-256x256 If you’re a java programmer, you may familiar with JUnit. Today, software testing is becoming more and more important. A good platform needs good testing tools. Now, Adobe release the unit test tool on flex named FlexUnit. So, let’s try it, and gives you a direct-viewing understand.


I’ll suppose the reader, you familiar with Flex and AS 3.0(or AS 2.0), and any knowledge about software testing is unnecessary. This demo can be ran in Flex Builder 3.0.

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Compile multi-flex applications contained in one project with Flex Builder

applications-128x128 One day, i want to compile my business app with TestSuiteRunner (from FlexUnit) app at one time using Flex Builder, but i never do this before. Flex Builder can not set two application once. But, it can set modules to be compiled.

1. Add a new mxml application into one existed app and named it as what you want. Mine is TestApp.mxml.



open source Flex project list

favorites-48x48 I summarized some open-source projects about Flex.