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18 Free Flash Image Galleries Which Can Be Easily Embedded Into Your Sites

gallery-icon We introduced 15+ Free, powerful and easy to integrate Flash image gallery in 2008, it seems has been 3 years ago. And collected 27+ The Best Free Flash Gallery Tutorials in 2010. Probably some smart readers have built their galleries by themselves. How about you? Here is a new list of free flash image galleries, some of them are listed in the post before, but the new version was released, some of them are new, no matter the older or newer, you can easily embed them into your sites to share your photos or products with very cool effect!


27+ The Best Free Flash Gallery Tutorials

gallery-icon What is the best way for creating an image slideshow or gallery? CSS or Flash? Actually each has its own advantages and every developer may have own preference. Flash has a special feel of sleekness, style and professionalism. Flash does have an air of being technically difficult to develop, but with these ten easy to follow Flash Gallery and Slideshow Tutorials. Here we have handpicked some the best free Flash photo galleries tutorials. You can easily create own flash gallery sharing with friend througn website by them. Now let’s start.


20+ Perfact jQuery Plungins Make You Website More Attractive

Hourse-256x256 jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. By using of jQuery you can write less but do more. There are large of ready made jQuery plugins available from generous designers and developers on the web can help add stunning functionality and effects to your website. Then you have collect 20 Perfact jQuery plungins hope them can be helpful to you. Now, let’s start!


Vista Web Photo Gallery– A Very Useful Photo Album Builder Based On Ajax

Man-Brown-256x256 With the mutural of WordPress, Drupal, more and more people could create their own homepage or blog to record and share their life with others easily. Of course the photo album is also the important part of it. By use of Flex we could create very cool photo album but not everyone is programmer, even if the programmer is not exactly the flex programmer… In previouse article 21+ beautiful Javascript and Ajax based solutions to our gallery requirements, we have selected 21 JavaScript/Ajax gallery but most of them are solutions not applictaions. In other words most of them is oriented to the developer or at least the people who have program ability. We could add gallery function in our own website through making small modification of it.


15+ Free, powerful and easy to integrate Flash image gallery

browser-128x128Through the previous article Flex vs. Ajax — both have their pros and cons, we know that both Flex and Ajax have each advantage or disadvantage. They all have each using scope. Since flash’s penetration level is good, it is widely used. I have introduced Ajax gallery in previous article 21+ beautiful Javascript and Ajax based solutions to our gallery requirements, now let’s see how about flash image gallery. If you google you will find many perfect flash gallery, but most of them are charged.

Following are some free but powerful flash image gallery which I collected. Hope you will enjoy it and share with your  friends.Note: listed in no particular order.


21+ beautiful Javascript and Ajax based solutions to our gallery requirements

Team-Photo-128x128Maybe you are believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, so you need a powerful gallery in order to show your excellent pictures well. Or you need to add a gallery into your blog or homepage. Javascrip or AJAX technology is a better choice since they don’t need extend plugin.