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Tips: How To Get The SWF Path In ActionScript 3

presentblue-icon Sometimes we need to get the swf path in our flex/flash project, it can be done with _root._url in actionscript 2, but _root not work in actionscript 3. How to get the swf path in as 3? The following is 2 ways on how to get it.

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25 Useful Tutorials Show How to Convert PSD to HTML & CSS Step by Step

lovely-catalog-icon-128 Now you have mastered the photoshop technique and designed a perfect PSD Files. Maybe you have a little trouble on how to convert you designs to high quality, cross-browser compatible valid XHTML/ CSS. PSD to HTML conversion is an important skill that has been growing in popularity over these years. Here we have listed 25 very detail tutorials teach you how to create a great nice looking site.